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Sword Treatise Book

Chinese Longsword

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俞大猷 (Yu Da-You) is a famous Ming-Dynasty General who defend China against the Japanese pirates invasion. Legend has it that General Yu visited Shaolin Temple, and improved on the monks' Staff techniques with his own teachings. He later wrote and compiled 正氣堂集 (Zheng Qi Tang Ji), "Compilation of Vital Energy". In his book, is a section called 劍經 (Jian Jing), "Sword Treatise".

It is a compilation of his martial arts knowledge, and contains very deep and in-depth concepts on weaponry combat. The fundamentals are taught through the Staff, the Chief of all weapons, so that these can later be applied onto wielding the sword.
This printed edition is specially made using the traditional Chinese method of book-binding, by tying the pages together. As this is an unconventional way to make a book today, it costs quite a bit to produce them. Thus I've made 100 copies. The result is a book that looks like a real ancient manual, and should serve as a nice collectible piece that provides enlightening insights in ancient Chinese combat!

1) Foreword
2) Song of the Art
3) Trident Practice
4) Song of the Art (Core Concepts)
5) Movement Practice
6) Techniques List
7) Techniques Applications (1 to 180)
8) 14 Staff Stances
9) 9 Trident Stances
Page Count: 320-pages

Features to help you learn & understand:
- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
- English translation side-by-side each Chinese verse

Language: Chinese, English

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