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Street Self-Defense System DVD Cover 1


Street Self-Defense System DVD Cover 1

Street Self-Defense System DVD by Mark Hatmaker

Paladin Press

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Unarmed Techniques and Tactics

1) Defense Fundamentals 
- Cage Position 
- Pinch Position 
- Cover Position 
2) Upper Body Weapons 
- Head Weapons 
- Shoulder Weapons 
- Arm Weapons 
- Hand Weapons 
3) Lower Body Weapons 
- Knee Weapons 
- Foot Weapons 
4) Targets 
- Head Targets 
- Neck Targets 
- Upper Body Targets 
- Arm & Hand Targets 
- Lower Body Targets 
- Leg Targets 
5) Tasmanian Devil Drill 
6) Front Static Attacks 
7) Rear Static Attacks 
8) Side Static Attacks 
9) Front Static Attacks (Vertical & Horizontal Pin) 
10) Rear Static Attacks (Vertical & Horizontal Pin) 
11) Side Static Attacks (Vertical & Horizontal Pin) 
12) Ground Fighting 
13) Using the Legs 
14) Getting Up Techniques 
15) Falling Techniques 
16) Fluid Attacks

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