Beyond Brazilian Jujitsu Vol 2 - 2 DVD Set with Mark Hatmaker 1


Beyond Brazilian Jujitsu Vol 2 - 2 DVD Set with Mark Hatmaker 1

Snap, No Tap: Fundamentals Vol 1. DVD with Tony Cecchine

Paladin Press

$19.95 USD 
Arguably the most brutal mixed martial art practiced today, catch wrestling's devastating arsenal of strikes, takedowns, throws, flesh-tearing rips and bone-shattering hooks has been copied by many, but mastered by only a few. In this extraordinary video series from Paladin Press, expert catch wrestler Tony Cecchine teaches you catch's most street-worthy techniques, combining hard-core grappling with brutal striking to provide you with a turnkey self-defense system that will make you unbeatable on the street.

In Volume One: Fundamentals, Cecchine teaches the foundation of catch wrestling, focusing on vitals of stance and footwork that will keep you stable enough to throw a powerful punch, but mobile enough to foil a takedown attempt. From there, he shows you the penetration step that will put you in perfect position for a takedown or throw, and how many instructors often get it wrong. He also covers the proper way to practice pummeling, turning it from a lazy, hands-only "swimming" drill into an effective tool to develop superior hand placement and dominant body positioning.

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