Pankration Fundamentals 3 DVD Set with Jim Arvanitis 1


Pankration Fundamentals 3 DVD Set with Jim Arvanitis 1

Pankration Fundamentals 3 DVD Set with Jim Arvanitis


$ 89.95 
The PANKRATION fighting system comes from ancient Sparta, in Greece. Their warriors were the best on the planet - just 300 of them used these brutal, all-out hand-to-hand combat secrets to nearly WIN against a 2-million man Persian invading force. (They slaughtered thousands of Persians for 7 days, until they were overcome with exhaustion. That's the only reason the Spartans lost ? they dropped dead from exhaustion. Using a fighting system that was unbeatable then, and unbeatable today.)

Now this astonishing ancient Greek fighting system is being used by pro fighters have dominated recent Ultimate Fighting Championships and Vale Tudo's. And they own the streets where they walk.

For example:

  • It's a vicious mix of "take your head off" boxing tactics - the stuff they refuse to teach at the local "Y", because it's so lethal - and "break you in half" grappling techniques like you've never seen before. (That's right - you've never seen this stuff. I don't care who you've trained with before, either.)
  • It allows you to end the fight while you're standing... while you're being taken down from behind... or while you're under a pile of thick, muscular attackers. Necks get broken, limbs snapped off like brittle twigs, and heads opened like cans of beans. This is NOT for anyone with a weak stomach.
  • It's full of time-tested battlefield techniques designed to let you murder your way through a line of opposing troops twenty men deep... using only your bare hands, feet, elbows... and your new superior knowledge of lethal fighting. (Learn stunning new ways to grab, strike and punch that will drop a 300-pound attacker like a sack of sand.)
  • And... you will be astonished at how quickly this training allows you to acquire the speed, light-on-your-feet agility, and "death with every punch" viciousness of a real warrior. Yes, no matter how out-of-shape you are right now. And yes, even if you suck at fighting today.

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