Pan Am No-Gi 2007 Championship DVD cover 1


Pan Am No-Gi 2007 Championship DVD cover 1

Pan Am No-Gi 2007 Championship DVD


$9.99 USD 
On April 1, 2007 an international contingency of submission wrestlers and jiu-jitsu athletes converged on California State University Dominguez Hills to wage war in the inaugural Pan American No Gi Championship. This collectible feature showcases the high flying takedowns, lightning fast armdrags, knee-twisting gogoplatas, and bone snapping joint locks that left many spectators speechless. Former legends came out of retirement to face the next generation and all left their hearts on the battlefield for the honor of becoming the first Pan American No Gi Champions.
Featuring amazing matches from:
Black Belts: Pedro Silvera vs. Diego Saraiva, Joao Cunha vs. Rafael Ramos, Takahashi Ouchi vs. David Esposito, Diego Saraiva vs. Theodoro Canal, Anderson Amaro vs. Wilson Reis, Marcio Feitosa vs. Wilson Reis, Joao Cunha vs. Lucas Gomes, Marcio Feitosa vs. Lucas Gomes, Christian Uflacker vs. Edson Diniz, Saulo Ribeiro vs. Edson Diniz, Saulo Ribeiro vs. Romulo Barral, Fernand Di Pierro vs. Flavio Almeida, Eduardo Telles vs. Roberto Camargo, Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Nick Kline, Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Flavio Almeida, Cristiano Lozarini vs. Eduardo Telles, Rodrigo Medeiros vs. Jose Eduardo, Felicia Oh vs. Kanako Inaba 
Brown Belts: Ricardo Feliciano vs. Marco Marcera, Jory Malone vs. Fabiano Silva, Steve Gable vs. Vagner Rocha 
Purple Belts: Ryan Beauregard vs. Vernie Inocencio, Steve Rosenburg vs. Gustavo Santos, Ryan Beauregard vs. Mickey Choi, Chase Wheaton vs. Steve Rosenburg, Tim Sylvester vs. Alexander Vamos, Daren Roberts vs. Rodney Jefferson, Neiman Gracie vs. Don Ortega, Kayron Gracie vs. Daren Roberts, Kayron Gracie vs. Tim Sylvester, Don Ortega vs. Kayron Gracie

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