Nihon no Budo Book 14: Shuyo (Preowned) 1


Nihon no Budo Book 14: Shuyo (Preowned) 1

Nihon no Budo Book 14: Shuyo (Preowned)


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"Nihon no Budo" is a 15 part hardcover large format book series published in Japan in 1983. The books have a cloth cover with gold letters on front. Each volume features many full color photos as well as black and white photos of techniques, history of the art, etc. This series is very rare and considered to be one of the best book series on Japanese martial arts. 
This volume covers traditional ways of self improvement including zen and Confucionism.

The complete Nihon no Budo series is:

Book 1: Mononofu no chi
Book 2: Kendo book 1
Book 3: Kendo book 2
Book 4: Jujutsu
Book 5: Judo
Book 6: Kyudo & Naginata
Book 7: Iaido & Jukendo
Book 8: Karatedo
Book 9: Aikido
Book 10: Shorinji Kempo
Book 11: Jodo, Ninjutsu, Sojutstu, Shurikenjutsu, Bajutsu, Suijutsu, Hojutsu, Kusarigama, Chigirikijutsu, Shogei
Book 12: Token Armor
Book 13: Soyo
Book 14: Shuyo
Book 15: Yogoshu - Martial arts terminology
Book 16: Yobou - Preventative care & emergency aid

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