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My Mixed Martial Arts DVD with Denis Kang

Stephan Kesting

$39.95 USD 
My Mixed Martial Arts takes the MMA instructional video to the next level. In this DVD Denis Kang, a very successful jiu-jitsu fighter, breaks down the MMA game, showing you the most powerful and versatile techniques that win fights in the cage, in the ring or on the street. Denis has radically adapted ‘traditional’ gi-based jiu-jitsu to work when punches and kicks are flying, and many of the techniques taught have never been shown on video before. In addition, Denis shows you the actual drills and training methods he uses to get ready for a fight. This DVD also includes live footage of Denis training and fighting, so you can see him using the material he teaches in this revolutionary video.

Everything Denis teaches has been tested in the ring or cage. This information will help you establish a complete MMA game, showing you how to continually improve your position until you secure the submission or achieve the knockout! With these techniques mastered you will develop the confidence that Denis radiates when he steps into the ring to defeat yet another opponent.

This DVD is divided into three main sections, plus additional bonus features:

1 - The Standup Game
If you can control whether the fight stays standing or goes to the ground you’ve got half the fight won already”. - Denis Kang discussing the importance of takedowns in MMA.

Many fighters have found out the hard way that taking an opponent down can be difficult, dangerous and tiring, especially if you also have to defend against strikes at the same time. Denis teaches devastatingly effective techniques to safely bring the fight down to the ground. The details shown, and the drills used to develop the takedowns, will bring a new confidence to your standup game. Find out what really works when the gi comes off and fighters start swinging for the fences.

Even if you practice Submission Grappling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, these important MMA skills will greatly enhance your game! The takedown material covered will work whether your opponent is swinging for your head or circling you on the grappling mat. Learn how to do a professional takedown, from a professional. Also included on the DVD is the deadly “Anaconda choke”: Denis used it to choke Alexei Veselovzorov to submission in front of a home audience in Russia. In My Mixed Martial Arts Denis shows you the critical details that are often overlooked in this technique.

2 - The Bottom Game
See what makes MMA guard and half-guard techniques completely different from gi-oriented BJJ strategies and how to use this EFFECTIVELY to your opponent's disadvantage. The absence of the gi, and the presence of punches, elbows and knees change everything. Knowing what to do when you are on the bottom and your opponent is raining down blows is a very important skill that EVERYONE should master. Even if you never want to step into the cage yourself these are techniques and details that could make the difference between winning a street fight and going to the hospital unconscious.

Many grapplers lack an overall strategy when they find themselves on the bottom in a fight. They try isolated techniques that don’t connect together in a meaningful way. In this section Denis gives you a coherent game plan to survive being on the bottom and then make life hell for your opponent with sweeps, submissions and reversals. Every technique sets up the other techniques, so that you always know what your next move should be. This section could add a whole new dimension to your guard game.

The gem of this section is the ‘sitout’ series, which allows you to reverse your position from being flat on your back in the guard to getting back up to your feet. Denis used this exact sitout series to repeatedly frustrate UFC veteran Andrei Semenov in two different fights: Semenov was powerless to stop him from getting back to his feet. Even Denis’s training partners find his guard very frustrating: he can effortlessly escape to his feet, no matter how hard they try to hold him down. His training partners even know exactly what he is going to do and they can’t stop it - these techniques are that powerful.

3 - The Top Game
Passing the guard and maintaining the top position are critical fighting skills, but can be very difficult to do with a sweaty opponent who is intent on knocking you out with punches and kicks. Denis has defeated some of the best guards in MMA, and here he teaches you his easy-to-learn, but very difficult-to-counter, strategies. The technical details he shows make it very difficult for your opponent to counter your guard pass or to catch you in a sweep or submission.

Once you have fought your way past your opponent’s legs you want to make sure that you maintain and improve that top position. Denis has developed a unique system of maintaining the sidemount on a resisting opponent. This pinning system alternates between several crushing positions, which shut down your opponent’s choices while allowing you to attack effectively with punches, elbows, knees and submissions.

Striking someone when you are on top of them may seem obvious, but Denis takes it to a whole new level. He shows you how to set up submissions using strikes in every position. He teaches you how to punch effectively from the top position: one of the details shown should DOUBLE your striking power when in your opponent’s guard. These striking strategies can knock your opponent out very quickly, but they also force him to open up for submissions that end the fight just as decisively.

Bonus Features:
This DVD also contains the following sections:
-Out takes
-Denis competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a Blue Belt
-Denis competing in submission grappling as a Purple Belt

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