Morihiro Saito: The Lost Seminars Vol 2 (On-demand) 1


Morihiro Saito: The Lost Seminars Vol 2 (On-demand) 1

Morihiro Saito: The Lost Seminars Vol 2 (On-demand)


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This video features an outstanding seminar given by Morihiro Saito Sensei in Italy in May 1985. Saito Sensei was 58 years old at the time and in fine form. This particular event was the third of many seminars he would give over the years in Italy. The program also includes an introduction and closing comments by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin who accompanied Saito Sensei during these seminars as his interpreter. This high-quality, professionally shot event has now been fully restored and is presented for the first time.

"Lost Seminars, Part 2" contains some very important footage that will be of great interest to enthusiasts of aikido technique. For example, one section features a detailed presentation of a whole series of sankyo techniques--some very unusual--that Saito Sensei would teach only rarely. In addition, there are several excellent sequences of techniques from morotedori, shomenuchi, and yokomenuchi attacks. The last part of the program is devoted to the Aiki Ken and Jo with emphasis on the first kumitachi and the 31 jo kata.

Contents include:

Seminar in Osimo, Italy - May 25-26, 1985

Tai no henko ▪ Morotedori kokyuho ▪ Morotedori sankyo ▪ Suwariwaza kokyuho ▪ Morotedori ikkyo ▪ Morotedori nikyo ▪ Shomenuchi ikkyo ▪ Yokomen tanren ▪ Yokomenuchi kotegaeshi ▪ Yokomenuchi iriminage and variations ▪ Yokomenuchi sankyo and henka ▪ Aiki Ken - ichi no suburi ▪ Ni no suburi ▪ San no suburi ▪ Kumitachi - ichi no tachi ▪ Ichi no tachi oyowaza ▪ 31 jo kata
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