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Mat Burn DVD

On The Mat

$ 29.95 
In 1999 and 2000 Jiu Jitsu was at its peak in Brazil. Jiu Jitsu had huge government sponsors and corporate backing promoting huge star studded events. Those years brought us our new heroes of years to come here in the USA. These World Champions and Vale Tudo fighters came to the USA and they soon became household names through their accomplishments. The North American wave of Grappling & Jiu Jitsu was just beginning to grow and the state side Meca was California! The OTM crew was living and training righting smack in the middle of that new wave of American growth. There is a history behind every fight on this DVD.  Scotty from OTM lays it all down for you in the second track voice over covering the roots, history and, drama. Matches Include:
Tony Desoza x Homer Moore - The classic David vs Golith story.
Cameron Earle - Future Ralph Gracie Black Belt Champion on his way up.

Saulo x Margarida - History in the making at the Mundials.

Alberto Crane x Shaolin - New American blood tests the water against a legend.

Gabriel Santos Machado Jiu Jistu - So much talent, but all wasted.

Fernando Vasconcelos x Paulo Guilobel - So Cal legends throw down for bragging rights.

Ryan Gregg - West Coast warrior bears the Ohio cold and twists pretzels.

Rodrigo Medieros 201 Masters Mundial - So Cal boy goes home to get his Medal.

Rumina Sato - Flying in for his first North American appearance.

BJJ White Belt vs.Judo Black Belts - On a dare legendary MMA Champion BJ Penn jumps in to a local Black Belt Judo tournament. He didn't even know the rules.

Jacare - Before he was world absolute champion he was a brown belt eating his way to the top.

Junior x Paulinho - In Brazil sometimes the toughest guys don't even have last names.


Marc Laimon vs Rutter - Master Ronin Grappler Marc Laimon taking on all comers

Jake Sheilds x Jon Fitch - Two Norcal Heros battle it out.

Marcelo Garcia at the Coke Classic in Atlanta - The legend in action again.

Tartaruga - Brasilian Top Team Legend -the turtle.

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