Krav Maga 5 DVD Box Set 1


Krav Maga 5 DVD Box Set 1

Krav Maga 5 DVD Box Set


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Finally released on DVD! This Krav Maga 5 volume set includes the following:

Vol 1: This video reveals the story of Krav Maga's history and development on the battlefields of the Middle East. You will learn about Krav Maga's history as the offical defensive tactics system for the Israeli Defense forces, and its use by law enforcement agencies around the world.

Vol 2: There are no rules when your life is in danger. You must know how to effectively and powerfully deliver counterattacks to vulnerable target areas, such as the eyes, throat, and groin whether you are standing or down on the ground.

Vol 3: Chokes, headlocks, bearhugs - violent attacks such as these can occur without warning. Krav Maga teaches you to respond top such assaults quickly, effectively, and without hesitation. The Krav Maga approach to defending yourself by eliminating the danger and counterattacking immediately is designed to end the assault and keep you safe.

Vol 4: The handgun is among the most commonly used deadly weapon in violent street assaults. The Krav Maga techniques in this video will allow you to respond quickly and effectively with state-of-the-art defenses against a variety of handgun threats.

Vol 5: Knife attacks are lightening fast and brutal. With the advent of tougher sentencing laws for gun related crimes, the use of edged weapons in violent assaults is increasingly common. This video will teach you Krav Maga techniques to respond to knife attacks delivered from a distance, close range and from a variety of angles.

Learn from Krav Maga's highest level instructors: US chief instructor Darren Levine and international Krav Maga Federation head instructor Eyal Yanilov. Each DVD includes 2 bonus techniques and written lesson reviews for all exercises!

As Featured in Time, USA, Today, GQ, Shape US and more!

These are all region DVDs. They will play on all DVD players worldwide.

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