Childrens BJJ Gi By Kaizen - Front Cover 1


Childrens BJJ Gi By Kaizen - Front Cover 1 Childrens BJJ Gi By Kaizen - Back 2

Childrens BJJ Kimono by Kaizen Athletic - White

Kaizen Athletic

$69.95 USD 

Introducing the all new Childreans BJJ Gi by Kaizen Athletics.

The Kaizen Childrens BJJ Gi features a lightweight jacket and rip-stop pants.  With a simple design and excellent quality this BJJ Gi is perfect for everyone.  Whether you are a fan of a more simple and less flashy style, or if you want something that you can customize with your favorite Jiu-Jitsu patches, school, and sponsors to show off in training and in competition.  The Kaizen BJJ Gi comes in White w/ Black Contrast stitching.  Make no mistake, these BJJ Gis are affordable as well as comfortable, durable, and light weight.  


Jacket Specifications:

- 100 % Cotton

- White 450 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket 

- Rip-Stop Collar

- Reinforced Rip-Stop Cuff-Lining

- Reinforced Rip-Stop Skirt Lining


Pant Specifications:

- 100% Cotton

- 10 Oz. Rip Stop Material

- Reinforced Gusset

- Reinforced Knees

- Rope-Cord Draw-String

- 6 Belt Loops


Size Chart

Size            Height

K000            >3'5"   

K00           3'5"-3'8"          

K0             3'8"-3'11"           

K1             3'11"-4'2"             

K2             4'2"-4'5"          

K3             4'4"-4'7"          

K4             4'7"-4'10"

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