Inverted Guard by Ryan Hall 1


Inverted Guard by Ryan Hall 1

Inverted Guard 3 Vol. DVD Set by Ryan Hall


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Ryan begins this incredible 3 DVD instructional series by teaching the precursor to theInverted Guard, the Cross Grip Guard.

The Cross Grip or Cross Guard as it is often called, is one of Ryan’s most effective guard positions and something that he frequently uses in the majority of his Jiu-Jitsu matches. Ryan breaks down the Cross Grip Guard with his patented step-by-step, theory driven teaching style that always reveals the true secret of every technique he teaches.

Every detail you will ever need to master the Cross Grip is explained including theory, grips & hand fighting, sweeps, submissions, drills and more. This DVD series will surly make you rethink everything you ever knew about the Cross Guard!

Ryan then moves into his highly anticipated Inverted Guard series, one of the techniques Ryan is best known for and something he has used in competition with incredible success. Ryan begins by dismantling the myth that the Inverted Guard is only for flexible fighters and shows how with proper mechanics, anyone can easily use this guard.

In classic Ryan Hall teaching style, you will learn to totally master the Inverted Guard as you learn all of the important points of theory, setups, body position, sweeps and submissions. Ryan also teaches his critically important “Inverted flow drills” that he has developed so you may learn how to invert at will, from any guard position during a fight.


VOL 1:  Cross Grip Fundamentals

VOL 2:  Cross Grip & Inverting

VOL 3:  The Inverted Guard

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