Incomplete Kihon Happo DVD with Rob Renner 1


Incomplete Kihon Happo DVD with Rob Renner 1

Incomplete Kihon Happo DVD with Rob Renner

Robert Renner

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Discover what Hatsumi Soke and the Japanese Shihan know about making the Kihon Happo work. Although Soke has been teaching the concept of “chuuto hanpa” (halfway or incomplete) for years and the principles that make this “incompleteness” possible, it is usually considered an advanced idea that you somehow come to only after many years of practice.

In this DVD Shihan Rob Renner explains in depth the fundemental movements that make up the Bujinkan system.  As anyone who has trained with Rob before will know, Robs ability to break down techniques into easy to grasp exercises, so that you can understand what Soke and the Shihan are doing, is the backbone of his teachings and vital to anyone looking to progress in this art.

In this DVD Rob covers many topics such as:

- Ukemi Taihenjutsu
- Correct distancing
- Appropriate Kamae for real situations
- Knife attacks
- Multiple Attackers

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