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Hojutsu-Ryu Shooting as a Martial Art DVD by Jeff Hall

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$ 24.99 

Jeff Hall starts with the formal etiguette, the equipment you will need, and show you how to use the easy-to-learn exercies the show the basis of this martial art. Whether it's for the job or your own peace of mind, this video will provide what you need to handle any situation you may come across.


DVD Breakdown:

Formal Protocol

Fighting Principles

Scanning and Assessing

The Equipment


Kata Breakdown: weaver stance

Kata Breakdown: 6 step weapon retention

Kata Breakdown: pivots or responses

Hojutsu Ni No Kata (Cane)


Bunkai Part 2

Live Fire Kata

Tactical Loading

Fail To Fire

Malfunction Clearance

Close Quarter Applications

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