Headlocks and Haymakers DVD by Ari Bolden 1


Headlocks and Haymakers DVD by Ari Bolden 1

Headlocks and Haymakers DVD by Ari Bolden

Cranes Production

$19.95 USD 
"Headlocks & Haymakers : Jiu Jitsu For the Concrete Arena" is a landmark in Jiu Jitsu training and instructional home videos.  Whereas most Jiu Jitsu DVD's concentrate on techniques for MMA and other forms  of competition, this DVD is exclusively geared towards combating opponents in real life situations.

Ari Bolden uses his real world experience as a security professional to demonstrate the moves and tactics best suited for self-defense in street fight situations.  In addition to covering defensive techniques against grappling and striking, he covers such topics as "Stance and Range", "Arresting Procedures and Escorts", and the "Precursors of Violent Behavior".

For the seasoned martial artist as well as the novice, "Haymakers and Headlocks: Jiu Jitsu For the Concrete Arena", will prove to be an undeniable asset to your personal arsenal when confronted with the realities of life on the street.



Stance and Range
Video Learning
Precursors to Violent Behavior
Standing Up in Base
Use of Force

Striking Defensive Tactics
Vs. Jab and Cross Punch
Vs haymaker
Vs repeater Punch
Vs Head Butt
Vs Stomp

Striking Offensive Tactics
Targets of Opportunity

Grappling Defensive Tactics
Vs Headlock
Vs Rear Naked Choke
Vs Shoulder Grab
Vs Neck Grab
Vs Wrist Grabs

Grappling Offensive Tactics
Rear Choke
Outside Trip

Escorts and Come a Long Techniques
Goose Neck
Straight Arm Lock
Cervical Control
Hammer Lock

Arresting Pins
Basic Shoulder Lock
Straight Arm lock Belly Down
Trailer Hitch Leg Lock
Moving the suspect from Belly up to Belly Down

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