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Gracie Black Fight Shorts

Gracie Academy

$44.95 USD 
Durable enough for the cage, simple and comfortable enough for the street, since you never know when you might have to choke someone. Designed specifically for MMA and No-Gi training these fight shorts have been in the making for years.

Fight Short Special Features:
2% Stretch Polyester Fabric (For Striking/Guard Work)
2 Inch Mobility Side Slit (For Striking/Guard Work)
Triple Stich Reinforced Seams
Reinforced Velcro Closing
Hidden Drawstring (For MMA)
Long Lasting Heat Transfer Logos (For life)

Gracie Fastening System Special Features:
Besides the durable fabric, and the sleek design, the fastening system utilized in these shorts is as good as it gets. The high quality Velcro we use in the double reinforced lockdown system (Two layers of Velcro contact instead of just one) guarantees that these short will stay on in even the most chaotic circumstances. As if that weren’t enough, the hidden drawstring serves as a backup to the Velcro connection and can tighten up the shorts if you happen to order a size that is a little bigger than your waist.

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