Firearm Acquisition Tactics DVD with Rich Nance 1


Firearm Acquisition Tactics DVD with Rich Nance 1

Firearm Acquisition Tactics DVD with Rich Nance

Paladin Press

$ 29.95 
When it comes to disarming a gunman, you only get one chance. In this new instructional DVD from WARTAC (Weapons Acquisition And Retention Tactics), SWAT team member Rich Nance and practical self-defense instructor David Hallford teach you a weapon acquisition system that really works in the chaos of real-life street assaults. The WARTAC system relies on one universal technique that, with only slight modification, can be applied to almost any type of firearm threat you might face. From this DVD you will learn:
  • The four key principles to surviving any type of firearm threat
  • How to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and psychologically for an armed encounter
  • How to take an assailant's gun during close-quarter combative applications
  • How to take a gunman straight to the ground using a technique that allows you to drop him, regardless of his size or strength, while you disarm him
  • How to totally disable a rifle-armed assailant by using his own weapon to strike him as you gain control of the gun

Don't bet your life on fancy, outdated techniques that only work in the dojo. Follow the WARTAC method of firearm acquisition and learn the secret behind the company motto: "If you can touch it, you can take it." For information purposes only.

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