Estilo 4.0 Premier BJJ GI - White by Tatami 1


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Estilo 4.0 Premier BJJ GI by Tatami Fightwear - White

Tatami Fightwear

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Estilo 4.0 Premier BJJ Gi by Tatami Fightwear - White

The Estilo 4.0 is the latest in the line of the popular Estilo style by Tatami. New features have been added to the updated BJJ Gi including a single piece construction giving it a seamless back. The jacket is made of 550 gsm pearl weave making it soft and comfortable. The collar is a canvas rubberized collar compared to the normal twill collar helping to keep its shape after long training sessions or competitions. The pants are a heavy 12 oz canvas material with double reinforced knee padding to protect from wear and tear. There are 4 belt loops with rope style drawstring to keep the pants in position as you roll. The Estilo 4.0 now features the popular contrast stitching which is featured on many main stream gis. To keep the gi falling apart, it's been triple reinforced to ensure long lasting quality that Tatami is know for. As for the style, its a rather clean look with the normal Tatami patches on the lapel and shoulders leaving room for your own custom patches. The skirt is lined with stylish Tatami ribbon branding as well as arm and leg cuffs.

Features include:

  • 550 gsm pearl weave jacket
  • single piece construction with seamless back
  • Rubberized canvas collar
  • 12 oz heavy canvas pants
  • Double reinforced knee padding
  • 4 belt loops with rope drawstring
  • Tatami ribbon branding on skirt and cuffs
  • Contrast stitching
  • Triple reinforced stichting on all seams


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