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DeCart Kimono by Moya - Black


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DeCart Kimono by Moya - Black

Moya Brand

$179.95 USD 

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The DeCart is one of the sharpest looking Gis to come from Moya so far. Designed in black with white contrast stitching this Gi really pops and sets it's self apart from other brands. The patches are large and plentiful in white embroidery but don't distract from the overall look of the Gi. There is plenty of room on the back to add your own custom patches. The jacket is made of 450 gsm pearl weave and a single weave construction giving it a seamless back. The pants are a heavy 12oz cotton twill pants made for daily training. They are lined with 4 belt loops and a 32 thread count drawcord to keep them in place. The gi is tough and durable lined with reinforced stitching on the the critical seams. The Gi is IBJJF Approved and comes with a white belt!

Features include:

  • 450 gsm pearl weave
  • Single weave constructed jacket (seamless back)
  • EVA foam collar padding
  • white contrast stitching
  • reinforced stitching on critcial seams
  • 12 oz cotton twill pants
  • 4 belts loops
  • 32 thread count drawcord
  • white belt included
  • IBJJF Approved

Care Instructions:

All Moya Brand Kimonos are 100% cotton and will shrink. If you notice the gi is too large, proceed to wash in hot water and hot dry, this will cause the gi to shrink. If the gi is perfect and you wish to maintain the size, was in cold water and hang dry.

Moya Adult Gi Size Chart

Size Height Weight
A0 5'1" - 5'4" 115 - 140 lbs
A1 5'4" - 5'8" 140 - 165 lbs
A2 5'8" - 6'0" 165 - 200 lbs
A3 6'0" - 6'3" 200 - 230 lbs
A4 6'2" - 6'4" 230 - 250 lbs
A5 6'4" - 6'7" 250 - 275 lbs

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