Combat Sanshou 1: Striking DVD by Wim Demeere 1


Combat Sanshou 1: Striking DVD by Wim Demeere 1

Combat Sanshou 1: Striking DVD by Wim Demeere

Paladin Press

$ 39.95 
Most martial arts are activities, like sports. They’re something you do with your opponent: he strikes, you block, you strike, he blocks. Combat Sanshou is a fighting art, and the purpose is to put your enemy on the ground without following him there: a true stand-up combat system designed for real-world combative application. This video set by master martial scientist Wim Demeere teaches you all aspects of Combat Sanshou and gives you what you need to know to take control in a fight, defeat your opponent and make certain he stays down for the count.

In Part One Demeere provides detailed instruction in the truly devastating upper body strikes of Combat Sanshou. Beginning with the essential punches that every good fighter must have in his arsenal, such as the jab, cross and uppercut, he then goes into the brutal forearm and elbow strikes specific to this fighting art. From there, he teaches lightning-fast defenses against these attacks, demonstrating how you can string offensive and defensive combinations together to completely overwhelm and defeat your attacker.

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