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Chinese Long Straight-Sword Book


Chinese Long Straight-Sword Book Chinese Long Straight-Sword Book 2

Chinese Long Straight-Sword Book

Chinese Longsword

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This Chinese Long Straight-Sword manual is based on 2 ancient manuals:
1) 武備志 (Wu Bei Zhi) "Military Preparation Manual" by Mao Yuan-Yi. The techniques contained in it is believed to have been exported from China to Korea, then back to China again.
2) 手臂錄 (Shou Bi Lu) "Records of Arms" by Wu Shu, a late-Ming/early-Qing martial artist who specialized in the Pear-Flower Spear, and learnt the Straight-Sword in his later years.

Originally written in classical Chinese, this Straight-Sword manual is now available translated into English, accompanied by the original classical Chinese text.
Military Preparation Manual:
1) The Straight-Sword
2) Sword Song
3) Korean Techniques
4) 24 Straight-Sword Stances
5) Straight-Sword Diagram
Records of Arms:
6) Sword Secrets
7) Sword Secrets Addendum
8) Yu-yang, the Sword Saint
9) Horse Galloping Along Tides
10) Cold Chicken Nodding Head
11) Moving through ‘Snake’ Door
Page Count: 102-pages

Features to help you learn & understand:
- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
- English translation side-by-side each Chinese verse

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