Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 7


Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 7 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 1 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 2 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 3 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 4 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 5 Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine 6

Catch Wrestling 4 DVD Set by Tony Cecchine


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This is the complete 10 video set on DVD! All 10 volumes are on 4 DVDs with chapter breaks for each technique. This new DVD series stars Catch Wrestler Tony Cecchine, the only certified instructor of the ancient art of Hooking. Trained under master Hooker and Catch Wrestler Lou Thesz, Tony will teach you the most devastating submissions and bone breaking techniques you will ever see. Learn the oldest style of grappling known with these DVDs; hooking! These techniques are new and highly effective for sport or street fighting. You must see this DVD set!

Volume 1 - Ground Domination 1
Catch Wrestling is much different when it comes to controlling your opponent This tape covers Cross Chest, Head and arm and Lateral Press positions of control. A Must tape for anyone learning the fundamentals of Catch Wrestling.

Volume 2 - Ground Domination 2
Tony continues on with these exciting new ways to control an opponent. Another important tape for learning ground basics. This tape covers Top Saddle, Top Body Scissors and the Back positions of Catch Wrestling.

Volume 3 - Arm Manipulations 1
Catch Wrestling armbars are some of the most brutal you will ever find. They are designed to take your opponent out quickly. Learn Top wristlock, double wristlock, spinning double wristlock, hammer lock and key locks.

Volume 4 - Arm Manipulations 2
More devastating Catch Wrestling armbars form multiple positions including head and arm and top saddle. These armbars you will not find on other videotapes. You won't want to miss this video.

Volume 5 - Neck Manipulations 1
These are the most dangerous submissions you will ever see. Tons of chokes, neck cranks, Head scissors and more. A brutal Catch Wrestling video, you must see it to believe it.

Volume 6 - Neck Manipulations 2
More Catch Wrestling pain. Neck cranks, spine stretches, half, and full nelsons, reverse cross face and more.

Volume 7 - Leg Manipulations 1
Catch Wrestling leglocks are quite different then anything you have ever seen. They are said to be the most effective when fighting no holds barred. This video will teach you the basics of Catchwrestling leglocks. Learn the mechanics of the archilles lock, heel hook, step over toehold and half Boston crab.

Volume 8 - Leg Manipulations 2
More awesome Catch Wrestling leglocks. Learn the Grapevine, Stopper Toe holds and variations, shin locks and more. A must have video.

Volume 9 - Leg Manipulations 3
If you have never seen the look on someone's face that has been placed in a shin lock, get this DVD! They are devastating! Learn shin locks with multiple variations. This technique is one of Tony's specialties. Catch Wrestling at its best.

Volume 10 - Hooking Combinations
This tape teaches the unique submission combinations of Catch Wrestling. Learn how to bring it all together and take anyone out! Tony Cecchine shows how to move around from one brutal position to the next. An excellent tape for any style of grappling.

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