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Catch and Kickboxing 4 DVD Set with Toney Cecchine 1


Catch and Kickboxing 4 DVD Set with Toney Cecchine 1

Catch and Kickboxing 4 DVD Set with Toney Cecchine

Tony Cecchine

$99.95 USD 
Consider yourself a seasoned striker? Accurate and devastating with your punches and kicks? Well, sometimes that's only half the battle -- especially if you come up against a seasoned wrestler or brawler with a good chin, no fear, and a mean streak.

In this carefully considered and important new 4 DVD instructional set (Volumes 32-35 of the Hooking Instructional Series), catch wrestling master Tony Cecchine joins acclaimed kickboxing instructor Terry Dow -- a student of the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace -- in teaching strikers the importance of understanding basic wrestling as a means of defending themselves against an opponent skilled in wrestling and ground fighting. Learn the importance of stopping takedowns, of keeping a proper striking distance, and of recognizing the telltale signs that a wrestler or brawler is about to come in on you and try to take you to the ground.

Remember: 90 percent of all fights end up on the ground. But just because they go to the ground doesn't mean they have to stay there. As a striker, you know where your strengths lie -- and Tony will teach you some effective techniques and drills that will help you thwart a ground attack long enough to get you back to your feet, where YOU can control the fight. From the hip heist to a proper bridge, from escapes to reversals, learning and drilling these basics of wrestling will provide you with the confidence you need to extricate yourself from bad situations and return to your comfort zone of striking.

But that's not all!

If you're a seasoned groundfighter, how might you get inside on a skilled kickboxer in order to affect a takedown? What weaknesses in the striking game should you look for that give you that "in" to take your shot? Terry Dow will teach you many of the basic kicks and movement drills practiced by experienced kickboxers -- as well as ways to counter them should your striking opponent leave himself open for a counter offensive. Learn how to time an opponent's strikes by watching his footwork or recognizing tells in his timing.

All in all, a truly valuable set that serves both the striker and the wrestler / groundfighter by providing insights and strategies from both disciplines -- and a must have for those who wish to strengthen every aspect of their overall fight game.


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