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Capoeira 8 DVD Set


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Nilson Reis and Joselito Santos instruct this exotic Brazilian martial art on this 8 DVD set.

Contents include:

Vol 1: Capoeira training & conditioning - Unique warm up stretching and conditioning exercises of this exotic Brazilian martial art.

Vol 2: Capoeira fundamentals - Techniques shown include proper stances, footwork, kicks, blocks, punches, and more.

Vol 3: Capoeira intermediate techniques - Effective foot sweeps, deceptive kicking tactics, ways of controlling your opponent, and more.

Vol 4: Capoeira advanced techniques - Learn the highly advanced and intricate fighting and kicking skills of the ancient Capoeria warriors.

Vol 5: Capoeira Ungala ground fighting - As self defense techniques, these deadly techniques are effective in taking your opponent down and out.

Vol 6: Capoeria street self defense - Techniques to evade, control, and take out your opponent.

Vol 7: Capoeria forms - These movements are required for achieving rank in this exotic Brazilian martial art.

Vol 8: Capoeria history - How Capoeria was developed as a fighting art by slaves transported on ships from Africa.

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