BJJ Spirits Vol 1 Book & DVD (Preowned) 1


BJJ Spirits Vol 1 Book & DVD (Preowned) 1 BJJ Spirits Vol 1 Book & DVD (Preowned) 2 BJJ Spirits Vol 1 Book & DVD (Preowned) 3

BJJ Spirits Vol 1 Book & DVD (Preowned)


$ 69.95 
This instructional book & DVD features top level jiu-jitsu instruction by well known competitors:

Book contents:

Leo Vieira: Amazing movement
Rani Yahya: 100% submission
Tatsuya Onose: Attack from the bottom
Masato Kataoka: Attack from the bottom
Mike Fowler: Dynamic moves
Dai Yoshioka: Analysis of the exciting games
K-Taro Nakamura: Secret of choking from back position
Andre Galvao: Attack from halfguard
Shinya Aoki: Advanced submissions
Naoya Uematsu & Megumi Fujii: Takedown
Sasa Yukinori: Refining your movement

DVD contents:

-Masato Kataoka: techniques & sparring
-Mike Fowler: Dynamic moves
-Focus on Sao Paulo TT jiu-jitsu
-Copa Paraestra East 2006 event
-Fredson Paixao vs. Takashi Watanabe
-Paraestra jiu-jitsu matches
-3rd all Japan Shooto grappling championship
-Andre Galvao in Japan

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