BJJ Manifesto Book and DVD by Rob Kahn & Matt Arroyo 1


BJJ Manifesto Book and DVD by Rob Kahn & Matt Arroyo 1

BJJ Manifesto Book and DVD by Rob Kahn & Matt Arroyo

Matt Arroyo

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       This new strategy BJJ book by Matt Arroyo is a must have to add to your Jiu-Jitsu library.  This book will outline tips and tricks to not only help out your game, but ways to make your opponent make those tiny errors. 

        Jiu-Jitsu is a game of patience and waiting for your opponent to make that mistake for you to take advantage of.  The higher the level of grappling the less those mistakes happen.  Well this book outlines ways to help create those mistakes from your opponent.

       This is not your typical Jiu-Jitsu book and is NOT filled with a bunch of techniques.  There are no crazy techniques that require gumby-like flexibility to pull off...there are no moves where you have to be strong like Brock Lesnar to don't need to be a black belt to use this (in fact, it's probably better if you're still a purple, blue or white belt)...and it works with or without the gi.

Here is an example of some of the information contained in this book:
  • Just mounted your opponent? Quick – DON'T go for the kill! Why attacking from mount almost guarantees you'll get bucked-off. Pg 2
  • How Judo, Wrestling and Sambo are different from BJJ...and...why success in other grappling sports can mean FAILURE in BJJ. Pg 4
  • The "Green Light" technique that alerts you to when your opponent is most vulnerable to your submissions. It's how I beat two black belts in competition when I was a purple belt, and it's the key to catching guys with years more experience than you (even if you have just "mediocre" submission skills) Pg 5
  • The single most important strategy when fighting opponents who rely on pure athleticism (great against wrestlers and naturally gifted opponents). Pg 7
  • How to choke out your opponent with shoulder pressure alone! Pg 9
  • When focusing on submissions KILLS your submission game! Secrets of the "make him tap himself" method. Pg 10
  • The single biggest mistake new grapplers make. It's why their techniques "don't work" even after they've drilled them in practice. Pg 11

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