Beyond Kenpo DVD by Joseph Simonet 1


Beyond Kenpo DVD by Joseph Simonet 1

Beyond Kenpo DVD by Joseph Simonet

Paladin Press

$39.95 USD 

Kenpo karate is one of the most complete modern martial arts in existence. But locked within its movements are hidden techniques and concepts that hold the deeper meaning of its combat efficiency. Now, for the first time, these secrets are revealed. In this explosive two-tape set, 7th degree black belt and best-selling author Joseph Simonet provides unique insight into the subtleties of kenpo form and teaches you the fine points that are the key to its deadly effectiveness. He also teaches you the hidden application of some of kenpo's most popular techniques, in the process revealing the little-known weapon, joint-locking and grappling applications of kenpo. Finally, through the use of energy drills borrowed from other martial arts, Simonet shows you how to "link the lines" of kenpo, transcending formal technique and effortlessly blending kenpo's many movements into a truly superior fighting method.

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