Battlefield Pankration DVD by Jim Arvanitis 1


Battlefield Pankration DVD by Jim Arvanitis 1

Battlefield Pankration DVD by Jim Arvanitis

Paladin Press

$ 89.95 
In this exclusive five-volume DVD, Jim Arvanitis, the father of Modern Pankration, expands on the secrets of pankration covered in his earlier DVD ( Secrets of Pankration ) and book ( Pankration ). In this new look at the modern applications of the ancient Greek martial art, Arvanitis combines the basic anatomy of high-risk altercations, awareness of potential assault methods, and the phases of engagement into a devastating personal combat arsenal. Advanced training in ground fighting, unarmed knife defense fundamentals, close-quarters firearm defense, situational awareness, tactical positioning, combat motion, and creating winning attack angles will provide you with the techniques and confidence you'll need when confronted with violence on the street. Employing open-hand upper-body striking tools, Arvanitis demonstrates powerful tactics that emphasize pinpoint accuracy, precise timing, and speed. Leaving no stone unturned, this complete set will take you through mobility, lower-body strikes, preemptive striking, disabling locks, and takedowns. Looking for that extra edge when it comes to street-ready self-defense? Battlefield Pankration prepares you for any encounter, on the street or in a combat zone.

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