Front - Aikido Gi by Kaizen Athletic - White


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Aikido Gi by Kaizen Athletic - White

Kaizen Athletic

$39.95 USD 
The Aikido gi by Kaizen is:
Lightweight enough to wear year round. Even in hot weather, the Kaizen aikido gi is lighter than other woven gis leaving you cooler and able to perform.

Durable enough to hold up to rigorous training.
The Kaizen aikido gi was tested and proven to hold up to the roughest of practice.

Customized for the aikidoka.
No longer will you have to pull up your sleeves for your partner to grab your wrist.
The Kaizen aikido gi sleeves are designed to end between your elbow and your wrist allowing comfortable movement when your wrist is grabbed.
The knees have been double reinforced to hold up to the usual abuse aikido pants take from sitting in seiza and practicing suwariwaza.
Custom label with Aikido kanji on inside.

You value your Aikido training. Now reward yourself with the gi that was made exclusively for the Aikido practitioner - the Kaizen Aikido gi.

*White belt is included.
**Sizes 00 & 0 have an elastic waistband while sizes 1-7 have traditional drawstring.
Q: Can I get the jacket in size 5 but the pants in size 4?
A: Sure! Just give us a call or email and we'll be happy to mix the sizes to fit your needs.

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