cover of Advanced Stick Fighting Book by Masaaki Hatsumi 1


cover of Advanced Stick Fighting Book by Masaaki Hatsumi 1

Advanced Stick Fighting Book by Masaaki Hatsumi

Oxford Press

$ 22.99 

Bushidô, the way of the warrior, is deeply bound to the rich history of the martial traditions of Japan, which have drawn generations of devotees, as well as awe and respect worldwide. Of all the martial arts, bô-jutsu, or stick fighting, is one of the least understood and most intriguing, having been largely hidden for centuries.

In  Advanced Stick Fighting , Masaaki Hatsumi, the most renowned budô and ninja grandmaster in the world, and author of  Stick Fighting  and  The Way of the Ninja , reveals some of the secrets surrounding this revered fighting art. Hatsumi offers the reader thoughtful reflections on bushidô, its venerable history, and its role in today's world. He also discusses the origins of bô-jutsu, which he sees as inexorably linked to the evolution of humankind; it is both universal and timeless.

While the highly acclaimed and long-selling  Stick Fighting  dealt mainly with self-defense using short sticks, this book reveals to the reader a number of advanced techniques using medium and long sticks that were originally used by samurai swordsmen and military commanders. Lavish illustrations accompany the explanations and help further demonstrate the graceful, mysterious movements of stick fighting. The original Japanese text is also included in the appendix.

This book will be an important addition to the libraries of readers who are seriously interested in pursuing the more advanced applications of stick fighting. It will also deepen readers' understanding of bushidô in general, and bring them closer to Hatsumi's personal philosophy -- that only through complete devotion to the martial arts as a way of life can self-enlightenment be attained, and that the wisdom gained through this can promote a true and lasting world of peace.

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