Advanced Karate Book by Mas Oyama (Preowned) 1


Advanced Karate Book by Mas Oyama (Preowned) 1

Advanced Karate Book by Mas Oyama (Preowned)


$ 379.95 
"Advanced Karate" was Mas Oyama's 3rd book written on the art and was primarily a response to all of the inadequate Karate instructors he came across during his world tours. Going further than perhaps any Karate instructor before him, Oyama writes at length about the Karate arts in this long out of print classic. More than 1500 photos illustrate the techniques.

Contents include:

1: History
2: General points
3: Follow up foot techniques
4: Fighting postures and applications
5: Combination parry and attack
6: Formal exercises
7: Self defense techniques
8: Artificial respiration and first aid
9: Special training

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