60 Piece Assorted Box Set by ON THE GO TOWELS 1


60 Piece Assorted Box Set by ON THE GO TOWELS 1

60 Piece Assorted Box Set by ON THE GO TOWELS


$ 39.95 
Assortment - get all three scents
Am Rush- Cleans and Cools with a Shower Fresh Scent
Each large towel measures 9.8" X 12.6" making it easier to quickly clean and cool your entire body.
Our large towels remove moisture wipe away dirt and odor with soothing cooling effect. Great for any hot day or activity.
ON THE GO TOWELS can be re-purposed for many uses and are strong enough to hold up to machine washing.

What are On The Go Towels?

On The Go towels for men are the perfect solution, when you're in a time crunch and don't have time for a shower. You can take them anywhere! Each towel is individually folded and wrapped into a convenient small pocket-size package, making them the perfect travel companion.

Replace Those Tiny Towelettes with a Large On The Go Towel

Do you go through moist towelettes like Kleenex or Baby Wipes, using them, then throwing them away? Using small body wipes like that can be frustrating, because of the sheer number it takes to wipe down your body, right? That’s why On The Go has come up with the perfect solution. Our large towels for men are strong and durable and able to clean your entire body with just one towel. They remove perspiration, to eliminate odor, while moisturizing your skin. Each towel measures 9.8" X 12.6", making it easier to quickly clean and cool your body. They are great for any hot day or activity.

Use On The Go Towels After Any Activity

Do you lead an active, busy lifestyle? Does stopping to shower in between events or activities often feel like a hassle or an inconvenience?

At On The Go, we understand that our customers have less time in the day to accomplish all that they want to. We understand that our fast-paced world isn’t slowing down, anytime soon, and so we must come up with time-saving activities in order to keep up. Our towels for men are just the convenient, time-saver that you have been looking for. Forget that five to ten minute shower, when you can do a one-minute wipe-down with our towels and head out the door.

On The Go Towels are designed to replace those small towelette wipes that you’ve been carrying around and discarding after use. Our towels are essential for your active lifestyle, keeping you shower-fresh, both day and night.    

Use Them After Any Activity:

• Work • Gym • Sports • Cycling • Camping • Travel • Outdoor Events • And More

On The Go Towels are Reusable

Our towels can be re-purposed for many uses and are strong enough to hold up to machine washing. If you use them for bathing wipes when you’re on the go, you can simply throw them in a bag, take them home, wash and re-use them the next time you leave the house. What could be simpler or more convenient? Purchase these time-saving towels -- today.

NO ANIMAL TESTING! - We are against animal testing in any way shape or form - period!

Do you have sensitive skin? Or perhaps you have known allergies to certain ingredients in skin products.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation for you. Our body cleanser and cooling towels use only the finest and friendliest ingredients.  Our extracts and oils are perfectly blended together to create a soothing and healing pH balance for your skin. You’ll not only walk away feeling refreshed and smelling great, but your skin will be soothed and nourished as well.

We understand the importance of skin, our body’s largest organ. Keeping up the vitality and health of your skin is our number one priority. The products available to you today have been perfected after years of customer use and customer feedback. We know from our customer satisfaction that our cooling towels and body cleanser are the best products on the market today.


Ginseng Extract

Tones and revitalizes the skin by balancing the oil and gland production.

Mentha Piperita Oil

Also known as Peppermint Oil, is used to cool the skin while inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Contains numerous minerals and nutrients.


Comes from sheeps wool to soften the skin. Shearers and Wool workers are known for their supple, soft and youthful looking hands.

Hamamelis Virginians

Also known as Witch Hazel has antibacterial and anti-inflamatory qualities. It is beneficial in treating various skin conditions.


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