2nd Friendship Demo Part 2 DVD 2


2nd Friendship Demo Part 2 DVD 2 2nd Friendship Demo Part 2 DVD 1

2nd Aikido Friendship Demo Part 2 DVD

Aikido Journal

$ 39.95 
Part two of a two-tape set featuring lecture demonstrations by:
  • Gozo Shioda
  • Minoru Mochizuki
The 2nd Friendship Demonstration is the second of one of the most famous martial arts demonstrations ever held and features lecture demonstrations by the following top-level shihan: Morihiro Saito, Kenji Shimizu, Yoshio Sugino, Gozo Shioda, and Minoru Mochizuki. This demonstration which took place in 1986 in Tokyo, is a continuation of the concept where teachers of different backgrounds and affiliations shared their accumulated expertise before a large, appreciative audience. The skill level of the participants in this demonstration is extremely high and their detailed explanations provide an abundance of information that will stimulate your training and understanding of the art. A full English voiceover of the Japanese commentary is included so as to make these DVDs accessible to an international audience of aikido practitioners.

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