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2013 Gameness Pearl Weave Blue


$148.95 USD 

2013 Gameness Pearl Weave - Blue

The highly anticipated 2013 Gameness Pearl Weave gi has been released. The jacket is made of 550 gsm pearl weave cotton with patches on both shoulders and a large chest patch. The seam tape gives it an extra bit of flair on the outside of the skirt and grey accents on the reinforcements give it a nice tough. The top is a single piece construction giving it the comfortable feel you need along with Gameness Soft Touch™ trim. The collar is rubberized helping to give the stiffness and give the gi its shape. The pants are rip stop with a rip stop cord drawstring ensuring durability, quality and light weight for those hot summer days. There are 6 belt loops to keep the pants in place. The gi is pre-shrunk.

Features include:

  • 550 gsm pearl weave jacket
  • Single piece construction for maximum comfort
  • Rubberized collar with rip stop material
  • Rip Stop pants
  • embroidered patches
  • 6 belt loops
  • rip stop drawstring
  • contrast accents
  • reinforced stitching
  • Gamesness Soft Touch™
  • Pre Shrunk


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