Filming Rolled Up with Tim Cartmell

Filming Rolled Up with Tim Cartmell

I’ve known Tim for a few years now as he used to have a school just down the street from our office. There were a few things about him that impressed me. First, his humble manner. Second, his smooth technique. Third, the unique approach he has to his teaching. The warm ups for every class (that I went to) were totally different and they usually related to what the lesson of the class was. It was funny because he’s 50 years old and a lot of the 20 somethings were huffing and puffing as Tim carried on calmly through his routine.

New episode of Rolled Up with Andre Galvao

The new episode with Andre is now up!

We spent all day with Andre. It started with an early morning class full of energetic young dudes. I’ve trained with Andre a couple times before so I knew a little of what to expect. The drills were awesome. Very fast paced and designed to build muscle memory. I was training with a rooster weight brown belt world champ from Brazil who was super fast. I can see how training in this environment would be great for guys who like to compete.

Rolled Up #25 with Jeff Glover is now up and…

It’s always a lot of fun working with Jeff. And by working I mean joking around and rolling. I’ve worked with Jeff for a few years now on both his Deep Half Guard DVD and also on his Glover’s Travels series. While we were sitting around talking about what approach to take with the Glover episode of Rolled Up it just hit me. The fair just got into town and I make it a point to go every year.

Rolled Up with Marcio Feitosa

After 23 episodes I thought it was high time that we filmed with my teacher Marcio Feitosa. I started training with him when he moved here from Brazil in 2005. Although there are a number of black belts at the main Gracie Barra school in Irvine, most of my classes were taught by Marcio in the first few years. He has very strong fundamental techniques and is a very natural teacher. We filmed a few DVDs with him and I don’t think we ever had to film anything twice. He’s been teaching for so long that it seems to come naturally for him.

Impassable guard with Michael Langhi

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already on the 23rd episode of Rolled Up.

This one was particularly fun to make. It was my second time to visit Cobrinha’s amazing academy. The Alliance training camp was in full swing for the 2011 Worlds and luckily we had a few hours to film before all the camp members came in. It was my first time training with Michael Langhi so I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that there was no way I was passing his guard unless he let me.

New show coming soon

Budo Jake is one of the main guys behind You might have seen him during the live broadcasts of the Pan Jiu-jitsu Tournament or the BJJ Worlds commentating or interviewing the gold medalists. Join us as we sit down with Jake to talk about his new show which is expected to debut in September. Where? Right here my friend, right here.

Budo Jake with Roger Gracie at the 2010 Worlds

BV: Hello Budo Jake, what’s this I hear about a new show that’s coming out soon?

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