Guide to buying a rash guard

So you’re training jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or MMA.
One of the things you’ll need is a rash guard.

Why can’t I just wear a t-shirt?

You can, but it’s not as practical. For one, cotton t-shirts get heavy as they soak up the sweat. Polyester based rashguards breathe and stay light weight.
Secondly, t-shirts can tear or get stretched out much easier than a rashguard.
Finally, t-shirts are annoying for your training partners as their hands and feet can get caught as the shirt dangles in front of them.

Should I get a long sleeve or a short sleeve rash guard?

That’s a matter of personal preference, however there are a couple factors to consider. For hygiene reasosns, a long sleeve might be preferred. Long sleeves mean less skin to skin contact with your partner and the mat which can both transmit staph or ringworm which you don’t want. Secondly, some people say that long sleeves can make it easier to slide their arms in for chokes.

What brand should I buy?

Again, that’s a matter of personal preference. Our top selling brand is Nogi Industries followed by Manto, Hayabusa, and Kaizen.

What does sublimation mean?

There are 2 different ways of putting artwork on rash guards. One is called heat transfer. This works like an iron on. These are the cheaper option but unfortunately, over time the logos crack and can wear off. The dryer is especially hard on transfers.
The preferred method of applying artwork is called “sublimation”. This way the artwork becomes part of the rash guard. With sublimation there will never be any cracking, peeling or fading. The downside is that the price is higher than the standard “heat transfer” rashguards.
Sublimated rash guards are made by Nogi Industries, Rupture, Hayabusa, and Manto.

I have a belly and rash guards feel too tight for me.

This is a common problem for guys with a little extra girth in the mid-section. You guys will want to check out the “loose fit” rash guards. These are made by Nogi Industries and Sprawl.

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