Ryan Hall on Training with Everyone

Vs Jeff Glover at ADCC 2009

How is training for ADCC going?
Training for ADCC is going great. In addition to some of the tough students at Fifty/50, I’ve got a couple of friends in town to help me prepare and get my weight on track before I head up to NYC next week to train with Marcelo Garcia and the rest of the team for the 6 weeks ahead of the tournament.

Who else are you training with?

ADCC 2011 to be broadcast LIVE right here on Budovideos.com

Click for ADCC 2011 Live promo clip

ADCC – the world’s most prestigious nogi grappling event – is held in a different city each time. This year it will be held in the town of Nottingham, England and we are proud to announce that we will be broadcasting the whole event live, right here on Budovideos.com.

This even will be quite possibly the best ADCC event ever with a who’s who of the grappling world all on the mats hungry for the cash prize.

There are 3 amazing superfights scheduled:

“Who is Enrico Cocco?” interview by Budo Jake

Enrico Cocco is a name that seems to come up at ADCC and other grappling tournaments. He always performs extremely well yet I didn’t know much about him. Pretty much all I knew is that he hails from a school called “Zen Jiu-jitsu” and he trains exclusively without the gi.

With a stellar performance at the ADCC trials in San Diego, he’s guaranteed a spot at the ADCC Grappling Championships in England later this year. Before that, let’s find out a little more about Enrico.

BJ: Enrico, how did you get into grappling?

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