Rolled Up Episode 37: All or Nothing – Robert Drysdale

  • Franck Louis-Marie

    Very eloquent  Robert .

  • Vuvi86

    please budo Jake make a episode with the legendary TERERE..

  • Irontusk

    Great episode as usual. An episode with Robson Moura would be great:)

  • Brian Cowin

    Thank you Jake.  That was amazing, and always so well put together.  Also Robert was fantastic.  

  • Bobby Goodfellow

    Great episode, Jake!  Robert Drysdale seems like a great dude and a great teacher.  Good stuff!  

    • Budo Dave

      Thank you for your email.
      I’m out of the office and may be without email access at the moment. I’ll be back in the office on February 27th and I’ll get back to you at that time. If you need immediate assistance please call the office at 1.800.451.4828.
      Thank you for your patience,

      Dave Contreras

  • TobyE

    Great episode but Budo Jake has a face you want to punch.

  • Mark

    A very inspirational episode. I enjoyed his thoughts on all the subjects especially his view on moving on after the ADCC to MMA. Just a normal dude. It reminds me of listening to his interview on the Fightworks Podcast. 

  • Ryan

    Awesome. I really really really hope you make one with Saulo Ribeiro!

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