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Gracie Gym OC Grand Opening

Jan 22nd, 2012 by dane

(Edit: Copy problems and to mention where the Gracie Gym is located.)

Well, Budo’ers, I have run precariously close to becoming a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journalist. Allow me to enumerate the reasons why:

1. Yesterday I attended the grand opening celebration of Ronis Gracies new academy, the Gracie Gym, located in Westminster, CA. That’s right, I was live and on location – applause please.

2. At the aforementioned event, I conducted an interview all. By. Myself.

3. The whole bachelor’s degree in journalism thing.

Speaking of an interview …

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If one were to ask my opinion (and they are), the crappiest part of competing is making weight. Those who’ve had to make any sort of drastic cut will sing the song of “Weight Crash Suckitude” – complete with food cravings and bouts with lightheadedness. Well, Rumble (may I call you “Rumble” Mr. Johnson?) added a new verse: loss of feeling in one’s lower extremities. Perhaps the saddest part of this tale is the fact that he still missed weight by 12 pounds … and still got choked out.

Dulce diet for the win, apparently.


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One of the hazards of being friends and working with Budo Jake (the Beej!) and Dave (the Budoes, as I call them) is that they’ve managed to build businesses of their hobby. Really, they’ve monetized their passion. Make no mistake, I’m happy for them, but it can be the source of … friction. Allow me to paint a picture with words here: You’re in your cubicle, slaving away at whatever you do. You’re navigating a sea of grey fabric walls, navy blue carpet and the silence is only broken by the occasional phone ring or light typing. You actually love your work, and so this part of the job is more than bearable – but still, you’re at the office and not a tropical destination of some sort.

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We are a week into 2012 and I have to say that the Budo Crew is doing marvelously. We started our New Year’s properly by getting up early, packing our training bags and we left our loved ones to do whatever they do while we train. Personally, I juggle between the beliefs that they literally go into suspended animation and only spring back to life when I park my car or they all mill about like actors that are off camera, a la the Truman Show.

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Friday Wrap-Up: 2011 Taps Out Edition

Dec 30th, 2011 by dane

While we sneak in our last minute sweeps, takedowns submissions and Wrap-Ups, 2011 is quietly coming to a close. Failing at that, it’ll probably crash over the horizon in a blaze of debaucherous glory – unless you plan to train the next morning (which I do). We here at Budo Videos and the BudoBlog wish you a safe new years and a fantastic 2012. In consideration of the fact that 2012 is actually 12 months long, I’ll make it a point to make booster well wishes throughout 2012.

  • Cobrinha continues to prove that he understands Jiu Jitsu far better than you (READ: me). This side-control video is clear evidence of this.
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Well, Readers, we are fast approaching [enter holiday here] and things are a bit slow in the BJJ world. Let’s face it, there was only one piece of BJJ related news to happen this week and I fear that the incredible educational value of it is going to waste. Luckily the BJJ community has me to right this wrong: “GINAGI” has answered the decades-old question of whether or not Bacardi and (up to and possibly in excess of a ton) broccoli are Group A and B compliant. Close the case, print and stain it. Ralek Gracie has laid this mystery to rest. You’re welcome.

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As threatened, I present Nino Schembri’s interview from our recent trip to his new academy. Check out the interview with Ben Kim, his new black belt.

Editor’s note: English is Nino’s second language and this transcription has been edited for clarity. I’ve tried to indicate with brackets where I’ve substituted words. Other minor substitutions were made for the sake of clarity, but I’ve done my best to assure that the integrity of the interview remained intact.

BJ: So, tell me a little about your first black belt.

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It’s a well-established fact that Budo Jake is a bit of a Jiu Jitsu pilgrim. After all, he apparently has a show in which he goes to other gyms and challenges the teachers to death matches (or something) and ambushes black belt competitors after their matches at IBBJF events. It seems a bit paparazzi for my tastes, but I’m neither the “C”, the “E” nor the “O” and I’m not about to get kicked out of my tent in front of Budo HQ (OCCUPY THE BUDO PLANTERS, I AM THE ONE PERCEN-ER, GUY THAT SLEEPS IN THE BUSHES).

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Well, BudoBlog readers, this is shaping up to be a particularly promising end of the year. I’ve somehow managed to amass a brilliant pair of weeks that will be spent around people I admire and adore. Also, I understand that Christmas is fast approaching and apparently I have a few family events planned – whatever. The Mendes Brothers are coming to Los Angeles to deliver an early Christmas gift to me-ER … to the BJJ community of Southern California, and all I got them was this news round-up.

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Friday Wrap-up

Dec 9th, 2011 by dane

BudoBlog  readers, I present to you the Friday Wrap-Up: a weekly collection of  BJJ articles, stories and information. This is my most recent attempt  in building this space into an Interweb behemoth. For reference, imagine that the Juggernaut and  Jeff Monson had a 22 year-old son that was conceived in a test tube, fed  nothing but Acai and Churrasco and enrolled it in kids BJJ classes at  the age of three.  In the off chance that such a child exists and I got any of the  previous information wrong, please A) don’t mention this fact to them or  B) apologize on my behalf. I hereby authorize you to beg and/or plead for mercy from him/her for me.

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Tournament Results Monday

Nov 28th, 2011 by dane

Welcome to a newest entrant to the BudoBlog recurring post roster, Tournament Results Monday (clever title, I know). This is where you’ll (wait for it) find the results of various gi or nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or submission grappling tournament results. I clearly went for a deceiving title on this one and we apologize for misleading you. I promise it’ll never happen again.

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How did you get started? What gave you interest in the sport of jiu jitsu?
I started when I was 11 years old at the Asle-AM gym with Ronaldo Jacaré! He was one of my biggest supporters and he always believed in my success. I remember when I started, no one believed in me; Jacaré was the only one. He always said, “Ary will be better than me, you will see.” When I joined the team, I remember that it was filled with great, tough kids my age and they beat me a lot! That made Jacaré really sad when he saw me getting beat up (laughs). That was when he said, “Kid, now I will teach you everything I know.  You will be better than me. From now on, you are my son!”

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Staff writer Dane Grace

The Road to Victory or Defeat

Four days before the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s NoGi World Championships, I am in one of the warehouses that comprises Budo Videos’ physical location. I’m dressed in what will be my competition uniform – a pair of black NoGi Industries board shorts and a black and blue (I am a blue belt) NoGi industries long-sleeved rash guard. At the time, I was trying to shoot single-leg tackles on Ryan, my friend and training partner, to limited success. I eventually took him down, but it was not going nearly as smoothly as I’d have liked at that point in my preparation.

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Watch the 2011 Nogi World Championships Live Broadcast

It’s that time of year again… The 2011 Nogi World Jiu-Jitsu Championships are less than two weeks away!

On Saturday, November 5th we will be broadcasting LIVE from the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach, California, and as always we’re giving you insider’s access to all the pulse-pounding action as we watch the world’s best duke it out for the title of World Nogi Champion!

Broadcast Times are estimated to be from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST, and all purchases will grant you instant, free access to the on-demand replay of the event that will be made available shortly after. So don’t wait… Order your LIVE BROADCAST Pass today to secure your virtual front-row seat!

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My first sensory deprivation experience

Sep 12th, 2011 by Budo Jake

Quiet please.

The moment I lied down a big smile came over me. I was totally buoyant lying in 10 inches of water inside a steel isolation tank in Venice, California. Even though my eyes were open it was pitch black so I couldn’t see anything. At first I felt like I was spinning around, like an astronaut in space. I couldn’t tell where the air ended and the water began because the temperature was identical. Is this how it feels to be in the womb?

Just before entry.

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Filming Rolled Up with Tim Cartmell

Sep 6th, 2011 by Budo Jake

I’ve known Tim for a few years now as he used to have a school just down the street from our office. There were a few things about him that impressed me. First, his humble manner. Second, his smooth technique. Third, the unique approach he has to his teaching. The warm ups for every class (that I went to) were totally different and they usually related to what the lesson of the class was. It was funny because he’s 50 years old and a lot of the 20 somethings were huffing and puffing as Tim carried on calmly through his routine.

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New episode of Rolled Up with Andre Galvao

Aug 22nd, 2011 by Budo Jake

The new episode with Andre is now up!

We spent all day with Andre. It started with an early morning class full of energetic young dudes. I’ve trained with Andre a couple times before so I knew a little of what to expect. The drills were awesome. Very fast paced and designed to build muscle memory. I was training with a rooster weight brown belt world champ from Brazil who was super fast. I can see how training in this environment would be great for guys who like to compete.

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Ryan Hall on Training with Everyone

Aug 15th, 2011 by Erin Herle

Vs Jeff Glover at ADCC 2009

How is training for ADCC going?
Training for ADCC is going great. In addition to some of the tough students at Fifty/50, I’ve got a couple of friends in town to help me prepare and get my weight on track before I head up to NYC next week to train with Marcelo Garcia and the rest of the team for the 6 weeks ahead of the tournament.

Who else are you training with?

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It’s always a lot of fun working with Jeff. And by working I mean joking around and rolling. I’ve worked with Jeff for a few years now on both his Deep Half Guard DVD and also on his Glover’s Travels series. While we were sitting around talking about what approach to take with the Glover episode of Rolled Up it just hit me. The fair just got into town and I make it a point to go every year.

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Rolled Up with Marcio Feitosa

Jul 25th, 2011 by Budo Jake

After 23 episodes I thought it was high time that we filmed with my teacher Marcio Feitosa. I started training with him when he moved here from Brazil in 2005. Although there are a number of black belts at the main Gracie Barra school in Irvine, most of my classes were taught by Marcio in the first few years. He has very strong fundamental techniques and is a very natural teacher. We filmed a few DVDs with him and I don’t think we ever had to film anything twice. He’s been teaching for so long that it seems to come naturally for him.

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Interview with Bruno “Bad Boy” Malfacine

Jul 19th, 2011 by Erin Herle

In 2008 you left your team of Gama Filho (now GFT) to join Fabio Gurgel at Alliance in Sao Paulo. Why did you choose to leave and what has been the biggest advantage?

I chose to leave because in addition to a few reasons, wanted to make this sport my life. I had already won my first World Championship in 2007 at black belt. I lost in 2008 but after the competition had a great opportunity to move to São Paulo and be a part of this family. The advantage is that today, as many others friends who live here in Sampa, I can fully dedicate my life because it’s what I chose for my future and what I love to do.

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Impassable guard with Michael Langhi

Jul 12th, 2011 by Budo Jake

Wow, it’s hard to believe we’re already on the 23rd episode of Rolled Up.

This one was particularly fun to make. It was my second time to visit Cobrinha’s amazing academy. The Alliance training camp was in full swing for the 2011 Worlds and luckily we had a few hours to film before all the camp members came in. It was my first time training with Michael Langhi so I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew is that there was no way I was passing his guard unless he let me.

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Catching up with Bill “the Grill” Cooper

Jun 28th, 2011 by Budo Jake

This interview was conducted by Budovideos staff reporter Erin Herle.

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Click for ADCC 2011 Live promo clip

ADCC – the world’s most prestigious nogi grappling event – is held in a different city each time. This year it will be held in the town of Nottingham, England and we are proud to announce that we will be broadcasting the whole event live, right here on

This even will be quite possibly the best ADCC event ever with a who’s who of the grappling world all on the mats hungry for the cash prize.

There are 3 amazing superfights scheduled:

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This interview was conducted by Budovideos staff reporter Erin Herle.

How did you find jiu jitsu and what has your journey been like thus far?

Jiu jitsu is my life.  I have been training since I was a child. My life, my friends, and everything I do is about the sport and I think I’ve been doing a good job working towards that. The life of a fighter is hard, especially for a woman but it’s what I love and what I chose to do. If I make this choice, I do everything I can to be the best.

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The Shoyoroll ComPadre & Americana gis go on presale on 5/20 at noon (Pacific Time) and will be on sale for 2 hours only. As everyone knows who owns one, Shoyoroll makes mighty fine gis that hold their value!

We always hear complaints from those that missed the sale and didn’t get one so mark your calendars and make sure to come on back on 5/20 at noon!

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Hey guys, check out Caique’s 8th Annual Southbay Open BJJ Tournament.

Dates: July 16 & 17, 2011

Location: Cal State Dominguez Hills

Register online @

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This interview was conducted by Budo staff writer Erin Herle.

How long have you been training and how did you get started?

We started training jiu jitsu in 2001. Our cousin used to train us in a small gym in the city. He used to give classes in a social project for children so we started training with him. We stayed training there for a few months however he needed to stop giving classes so we began to train with professor Ramon Lemos, who during that time was giving classes with Professor Leonardo Santos. They always encouraged us to compete a lot. We always knew what we wanted to become since we started training and we dedicated ourselves to training. It was never just for fun; we always had goals to train and be the best at what we do.

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Enrico Cocco is a name that seems to come up at ADCC and other grappling tournaments. He always performs extremely well yet I didn’t know much about him. Pretty much all I knew is that he hails from a school called “Zen Jiu-jitsu” and he trains exclusively without the gi.

With a stellar performance at the ADCC trials in San Diego, he’s guaranteed a spot at the ADCC Grappling Championships in England later this year. Before that, let’s find out a little more about Enrico.

BJ: Enrico, how did you get into grappling?

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Caio Terra DVD setting new sales records

Apr 12th, 2011 by Budo Jake

Caio Terra’s DVD set is THE most complete set on the half guard. Never have so many details been taught openly. These are the details that make or break the technique. With Caio’s stellar performance at the Pan last month he is becoming more and more well known as both a competitor and now as a world class instructor.

Check out the preview clip of his new DVD set that is on track to become a best seller:

If that’s not enough for ya, check out both episodes of “Rolled Up” featuring Caio:

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