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10 Finger from Guard with Arm In

Mar 7th, 2013 by Joseph

10 Finger from Guard with Arm In

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We were joined by the immutable Eddie Bravo for this episode and he delivered his opinions regarding … well, nearly everything related to Jiu Jitsu. A word of warning, this episode is a beast! We broke the YouTube video into two parts (in the studio and on the mat), but none of it is worth skipping. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  1. Osvaldo Paqueta passed away today: Judo black belt, bjj red belt, student of Carlson Gracie and has the largest collection of bjj and mma videos in Brazil
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TWIBJJ Episode 8: AJ Agazarm

Aug 1st, 2012 by dane


1. AJ

    • Birthday yesterday
    • Talk about his background
    • Training wrestling & BJJ
    • Living with Carlos
    • Acai addiciton

2. Glover seminar
3. Make Jiu Jitsu your own
4. Play vs train/do
5. Training with Mendes bros
6. Five new black belts in Sweden  under Leo Vieira:bNiklas Borg, Jimmy Palander, Erik Borg, Gunnar Blomkvist, Peter Blackwell, Tony Larsson and Fredrik Johansson
7. BJJ Hacks: Yuri Simoes interview: Filmed by Hywel Teague for BJJ Hacks
8. Product spotlight: Ginastica Natural 8 DVD set
9. Product spotlight: Honey badger rashguard (show pic)

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TWiBJJ: Episode 7 with Bill Cooper

Jul 23rd, 2012 by dane

This week we welcomed the mighty Bill Cooper. Some might know him from his DVDs (Escapes! and Deep Halfguard Killer) or from his beastly performances at the Worlds 2012. Either way, he delivers both on and off the mat.


  1. Riccardo Amnendolia New black belt  from Mendes Bros
  2. DJ Jackson from Lloyd Irvin got his black belt
  3. IBJJF Gi weight classes increase by .5 lbs
  4. Ryron Gracie vs Carlos Eduardo Rocha
  5. Show clip of Brian Cimins anti ADCC rant
  6. Gaston grabs a central park purse snatcher
  7. Product spotlight:
    1. nino schembri omoplata Mastery seminar
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Well, we have the fifth episode of TWiBJJ in the bag and the response to our show has been enormous. I can’t thank our live, YouTube and iTunes audience enough for the support. This week marks the return of our third cohost, Sean Williams and Kevin Finn from Paragon.

  1. Carlson Gracie Seminar in Temecula
  2. Mendes brothers grand opening seminar
  3. Benny Dariush gets his black belt
  4. Product spotlight: Defense Soap products
  5. More stats from TylerBJJ
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TWiBJJ Wrap-Up: Episode 3

Jun 22nd, 2012 by dane

Well, Readers … this is a bittersweet day. It’s a day of Farewell and Hello (Farelo, as I’ve come to know it). We are now on our third episode of our weekly BJJ News podcast called This Week in BJJ as you may or may not know (but should), and it’s been exciting to participate in it. Unfortunately, TWiBJJ makes the FWU somewhat redundant (and infinitely less compelling). After much soul searching (the time it took for me to drink a coconut water), I’ve decided to transition the Friday Wrap-Up to a TWiBJJ Wrap-Up. I’ll still add newsworthy items under the errata section as I see fit, but the FWU will cease to exist as it was – a standalone entity.

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LivePassers, some people have been reporting issues with choppy video playback and this makes us sad – like … super sad. We monitor network traffic and playback very closely, and we have several laptop tuned into the broadcast from outside of our network. As soon as we detect issue, we try to communicate that and get the information out to you. However, there are some issues that are just a product of the technologies of today.

We’ve tested the Live Feed pretty extensively, and we’ve noticed the best performance while watching the broadcast on Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome browsers. Unfortunately, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers like to break things. It’s a good idea to avoid those.

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I write this while seated in the swirling torrent that is the 2012 IBJJF World Championship, which is to say I’ve been in a near ecstatic state since yesterday. I lead a torturous life to be sure. For those of you unable to attend the 2012 Worlds (life has a horrible habit of getting in the way), may I suggest a Live Pass?

Friday Wrap-Up

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Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-Mundials Edition

May 25th, 2012 by dane

The office and warehouses are a-buzzing here at Budo. I suspect this is due in small part to the increase in training while BJJ practitioners hone their “beach bodies” and more greatly to the World Jiu Jitsu Championships. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, we are broadcasting.
2. Yes, I will be posting on Twitter and Facebook.
3. Yes, we will have a booth there.
4. No, we do not quit.

So, if you’re going, look for me. I’ll be the one typing furiously at the Budo Broadcast Tangle or running laps around the venue while attempting to get quotes and photos.

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So, the headlining super fight at the 2012 Jiu Jitsu Expo went .. poorly. Actually, it didn’t go at all and this lead to much rumor milling. Both camps - Braulio and Cesar Gracie – have explained their side of the story and my take away is this: Their fight was so poorly coordinated that Nick said “Ef it” and left. At least, this is my take on it, which is vastly less entertaining than the current theory that both fighters are now at odds and are gearing up for a Dragon Ball Z styled confrontation.

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Why, hello there Readers. I’ll bet you thought I’d never left Korea. While parting was such sweet sorrow, I ran into the eager embrace of my readerships … a week after I actual re-entered the physical borders of the United States. Jet lag is a harsh mistress, sue me. On the BJJ news front, apparently there’s some sort of Expo this weekend in Long Beach? I somehow missed the news that was posted, well, everywhere.  I’ll be there too, so expect an article and some photos. Flag me down if you see me!


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I will be in the Republic of Korea by this time next week  in order to fulfill my dreams of becoming a star Koreab Pop singer. Nevermind my limited Korean language ability and the fact that I’m a Hawaiin/Portuguese/German/Irish/English hybrid – I have dream. Luckily, I also have a contingency plan: Train a whole bunch of Jiu Jitsu with my team in Seoul (John Frankl BJJ – DISCLOSURE: I run their website and John is a close friend and BJJ mentor), eating Korean barbeque and not drinking heavily – at all. Ever.  Expect posts and photo galleries from Seoul. I plan to hit several different BJJ schools (I’m shooting for six, possibly more as time permits). Also, I totally plan on Twitterifying and compiling FWU for the next two weeks. I know, I’m amazing at going on vacation.

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Friday Wrap-Up: Post Pan Edition

Apr 6th, 2012 by dane

Let’s address the elephant in the room. You didn’t get an FWU last week and for that I’m sorry. I was putting in long days at the 2012 Pan Championships and I couldn’t summon the energy to compile a list of BJJ-related news after a 14-hour day at the UCI Bren Events Center. Let’s face it, the Pans was the BJJ news for that week, so I don’t feel completely negligent.

This brings me to my second point, the Pan Championships. Allow me to enumerate: four days, 12 mats, 3000+ competitors and 2000+ on the live stream – no big deal. All in a days work (EDITOR’S NOTE: I squealed like a 12-year old girl in the presence of J. Bieber). Be sure to catch my coverage on the Budo Facebook and Twitter. We have big plans for that.


  • I don’t mean to start the Wrap-Up on a downer, but I’m starting the Wrap-Up on a downer. Terere is struggling again and his family is asking for help.

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What is your training regimen like?

I train three times a day. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I train jiu jitsu and [physical] preparation with more intensity. In the mornings, physical training, afternoons, a lot of jiu jitsu, and at night, judo. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, strength training in the mornings, technical training in the afternoon, and light training at night.

How do you divide your training time?

So, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we focus on agility and explosion training, plenty of exercising without too much weight, working on the cardio a lot. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, [I focus on] strength and power, all of that during the morning.

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2012 Pan Championship: The Aftermath

Apr 3rd, 2012 by dane

It was Saturday afternoon, after I’d watched Gui Mendes warming up and Otavio Sousa marching toward the bullpen, that I realized things had gotten real. The Pan Championship is a bit of a sensory blitzkrieg and it’s easy to lose sight of the storm brewing just over the horizon.

The black belt final matches dropped a few bombs. Caio Terra, who at the No Gi World Championships a few months earlier declared that he’d be sitting out to recover form injuries, emerged victorious with sweeping points. Kayron Gracie took the middle weight title with a choke and Rafael Mendes closed the book on a nagging question in his career with an armbar on the inveterate Cobrinha.

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There is only one bit of news here at Budo Videos: Getting ready for the Pan Ams. The brackets look ridiculous and the crew is going around harassing the top competitors while they train (see here). Recently, the boys went south filmed a top team on the sport BJJ circuit, and it may or may not involve the UberMends (HINT: It does). Look for that soon on YouTube.


  • Dave at the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory heard you liked BJJ posts so he posted a link to a post about BJJ so that you can read a post about BJJ while reading a post about BJJ.
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As I described earlier this week, we’re still sweeping up from the bombshell that was the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials 2012. This hasn’t really been articulated because doing so stinks of whining, but the broadcast is only half the work. The video boys still have to edit the raw footage into something worth watching on the replay. So, expect that in about a week and we (in this case, “we” means “me”) staff writers must mush on.

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Abu Dhabi Pro Trials San Diego

Mar 14th, 2012 by dane

I apologize that I delivered this write up relatively late in week, but I’ve spent the better parts of Monday and Tuesday recovering from the mind crushing Jiu Jitsu I witnessed this past weekend. I am, of course, referring to the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, which were held in lovely San Diego. The Budo Crew (of which I am now officially a part) was on scene and working their magic, and I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense. The technological trickery involved in a multimat broadcast is so mind boggling that I’m pretty sure that there at least two gnomes, three goblins and a rainicorn involved in making this thing happen.

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I apologize that you, Budo Blog readers, were welcomed into the bosom of Friday bereft of your Budo Wrap-Up, but I’m having computer trouble. I occasionally indulge in an adult beverage (or seven) and sometimes lose track of the evening. Apparently, I lost track of last Thursday after 7 p.m. and woke up to a botched Linux installation on my home PC. Some people get tipsy and end up in Mexico, I apparently decide its time to swap operating systems. Don’t judge me.

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I have the distinct honor of presenting a double introduction with this post. First, I’m adding what will (hopefully) be a recurring series of articles on the Budo Blog that features new developments with the mother ship. For this first installment, I asked Budo Dave a few questions regarding our multimat live broadcasts.

1. Budo Videos recently tested “multicasting” the Pan Kids Championships. Could you explain what this is and what this means?

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The boys have been traveling a lot this year, and I interpret that as a clear indication of their faith in my ability to secure Warehouse C from my desk here at the Budo Blog World Headquarters (EDITORIAL NOTE: By “desk”, I definitely mean “lap” and by “Budo Blog World Headquarters” I mean “four man Coleman tent in front of Warehouse C, but this is all just semantics).  Their most recent jaunt, which they are still on, has taken them to Chicago for the  Winter Open Championships in Chicago to film another episode of IBJJF TV and Rolled Up. That’s right, two shows in one trip. We use all parts of the Buffalo around here, included the Webisode Gland.

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Much is up for grabs for Jiu Jitsu champions still in active competition: loss, the fall to obscurity, injuries, dropped Acai bowls, no Acai bowls or (worse yet) the possibility of competing against Gabi Garcia. Speaking of whom, she will be fighting at the Abu Dhabi trials Brazil … despite already being accepted to the Pro Cup. For the sake of clarity, allow me to list the balleritidue I have just professed:

  • The aforementioned risks
  • Gabi Garcia
  • The largest pay out in competitive BJJ
  • Already accepted to fight in the largest pay out in competitive BJJ
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Editor’s note: There was a few mistakes made in copy editing this video. English is not the first language of Rikako’s team and so it was quite difficult to makes things readable in English. I apologize for any inconvenience.

The women’s division is a growing segment in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but it’s already contentious. The growing pool of competition is already producing stars, and Budo Videos sponsored athlete Rikako Yuasa is a promising young prospect. The 2012 IBJJF European Open Champion in the purple belt division has strong takedowns and a tricky guard – which means I shall endeavor to avoid rolling with her at all costs. I’m serious Budo’ers, this is “lie about an injury and walk with a fake limp for a few weeks” worthy.

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There is one event in Jiu Jitsu that brings the wheels of the Budo Videos news machine to a grinding halt, and it happened this week. Take note of these five words: new, Ralek, Gracie, music, video. The sheer volume of dropped knowledge is so staggering that it takes individuals weeks to recover, but luckily we have a team of elite researchers on retainer and they completed their analysis late Wednesday evening. Our take-away: Ralek has a son who gets kissed after fights, Ralek did not play with Legos at the age of 8 nor (we’re assuming) later in life (which gives rise to doubts about the Gracie Diet compatibility of Danish building blocks), he did not go to college and Ralek’s fight equation is as follows

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Friday Wrap-Up: Introductionless

Feb 10th, 2012 by dane

Some times jokes don’t have punchlines. This Wrap-Up is sort of like that, except it doesn’t have a proper introduction.

  • Dave at the Jiu Jitsu Lab has done a case study in Garcia vs. Drysdale. Peer review it.
  • DSTRYR has patches for sale. I know you read ‘em, so go show them some love.
  • You know who Draculino is, right? If not, don’t admit that. Just smile and nod people. Smile, nod and watch this documentary.
  • Renato Laranja – never mind the string of Mundial victories and never mind the fact that his “defeated” list is a who’s-who of Jiu Jitsu. This mockumentary has all the real victories, including “Joe Hogan”. I’m done here people.
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My 2012 IBJJF Europeans Experience

Feb 7th, 2012 by Erin Herle
Stepping off the plane I feel a surprising sense of security. Despite being entirely alone since I hugged my mom goodbye at LAX, I have arrived in Lisbon, Portugal in one piece. I rush to get to my next checkpoint before I forget my list of things I need to do altogether. Arrive safely to Lisbon, check. A long layover in Amsterdam with snarling and impatient locals who have surely signed me off as a foreigner is finally a thing of the past and now I can worry about putting my slight knowledge of Portuguese to use. I make my way towards the exit of the airport ignoring the signs overhead due to the herd of miscellaneous jiu jitsu hoodies in front of me who look more accustomed to the territory than I. Next on my list is to arrive at the currency desk, check. My mother handed me a wad of cash before I left so I’d have money to exchange into euros for the cab ride. It’s something my mother would normally do although this time I believe she felt more inclined considering I had just totaled my car a week before– a  dispute that is still in the beginning stages with my insurance company. If it weren’t for my quick craigslist find for a new ride I’d had never have made it here. I can accept a lending hand when it’s warranted.

After exchanging my money I get in line for a taxi, carefully looking over those outside of the airport assigned pick-up. Being kidnapped or even ripped off is not on my agenda. While on the short ride to the hotel I use the driver as my first victim. “Voce fala ingles?” He knows a tiny bit of English but overshoots his judgement for my level of understanding even though I told him I only knew a little Portuguese. He speaks fast and I attempt to process his slur in my head before I resign and settle with a “hmmm sim.” There’s a pause and we kind of agree to just give up and before I know it I’ve arrived at my safe haven where I will reside for the next five days.

I had two days to adjust before I competed. Female blue belt featherweight was set for Friday at 9am. I spend time with a friend exploring the city with the purpose of getting my mind off of the competition but its the night before and I can’t ignore it. I am here to compete. That’s the only reason. My first trip out of the country is more than I had hoped for but I must not forget my purpose. I will show off my hard work tomorrow and I will bring back the most prestigious gold I have earned yet. I will make Cobrinha proud. Now if only I could sleep.

Morning of and I calm my nerves with a scrumptous yet potentially hazardous breakfast at my hotel. Everything is going as routine. I’ve competed enough in the past to have a routine. Walking to the venue I plan my game in my head. Pull guard and sweep or submit. Attack. Entering the venue it’s a cozy yet monumental building with high ceilings and various places to sit. Copious amount of light finds its way through a variety of windows above our heads in what seemed like the perfect route for the morning sun. I follow the rays until my eyes meet the bullpen area. To no avail, I sip water hoping to settle down the burning sensation that has corrupted in my stomach. I hear my division called and I walk down to warm up. There’s no turning back.

I am a competitor. Or so I think. I try to remind myself why I’m here. Waiting in the bullpen I stress about not being warmed up enough. My muscles and hands are freezing but my heart is pumping like I’m being attacked from all sides. This happens to me every time I wait for my name to be called and my match to start but whatever I had felt before was nothing compared to this. Am I stretching enough? Are people staring at me? Are they sizing me up? I try to look like I know what I’m doing. I’ve only been at this for less than three years but I try to tell myself that this is what I do, that I belong. I have traveled all the way from Los Angeles to compete here in this melting pot of new and different opponents and I’ve been through hell just to get here. I don’t think I trained enough. I don’t think my recent hardships were good enough reasons to refrain from training. I should have done better.

My name is called and I’m walking towards the ring coordinator. He doesn’t bother looking at my I.D. and he tells me to wait. I never looked at the brackets online in fear that it would cripple me more than my existing anxiety is now. I must have had a bye considering all the girls in my division are going already on a couple different mats. Finally I’m called to enter. My gi is being checked and I’m wondering if the gi I had borrowed was a stupid choice. It’s decked out with patches that have nothing to do with me considering its previous owner is a world champion black belt from Brazil. This is the third time I’m borrowing it because my navy gi is no longer acceptable to compete in and I’m hoping it will give me the same luck it did when I competed in Vegas six months before.

I’m directed to mat 10 where I set my things down and pace. I listen to the same song over and over again– Lisztomania by Phoenix. It adds the perfect amount of bounce for me to do that jig where I hop to and fro, rotate my hips, toggle my weight between shifting feet, flail my limp hands around, scan my surroundings and attempt to look like I’m pumped, like I’ve done this a million times, like I’m so prepared that I can sustain a normal breathing pattern. It may add to my social anxiety if I realize how dumb I actually look but fortunately enough my audience is no longer my main worry. The match before me is coming to an end as a familiar American in my weight class has her hand raised. I make small talk with the ring coordinator as if I can afford the luxury of straying my attention from the six minute war I’m soon to willingly partake in. A glance at my opponent registers no emotion. I have never seen her before which is really a rarity. I don’t recognize the name of the academy or team on her patches. I don’t even know her name or where she even came from. It doesn’t matter. I take one last sip of my water because I can already feel my mouth drying up like a desert storm.

I’m forced to wiggle around the winner of the last match as she puts her shoes on but I don’t want to postpone so I end up rudely shoving past her as I bow and enter the mat to meet my opponent. We shake hands and the match starts. I pull guard slower than usual because she prompts no urgency. Immediately she’s working a pass. My match was a blur and all I can gather was my tired soul attempting to use what I know but not being able to. If I had a better understanding of what was going on I’d be able to better recount my actions but somewhere between fighting the double-under pass for the third time and getting mounted, I had lost the match. That’s really all I needed to know. As I stand up to the sound of the whistle, my thoughts are suddenly rushed back into my head as I realize what has happened. My hand isn’t raised and I even begin to pull away before the full showing is done. My hair is falling out of its bun and into my face, my gi is wide open with my belt barely holding on somewhere around my waist as I am scrounging for my belongings. My only thought, besides how much I want to puke and be able to breathe is that I must leave. I gather my things and walk back to the hotel before I’ve fully recovered. Briskly walking past the stares of onlookers, I feel no shame for the abrupt exit but rather for the embarrassing performance I had just given in what was my only chance to prove my worth as a competitor.

It took a little for my feelings to conjure their way into a valid, logical, rational thought process. Sometimes it’s hard to look at situations subjectively but outside sources tend to help entirely. In reality, I am a blue belt. I can fail at competition and I can be the best but when it comes to the grand scheme, anything I do at this belt level will not matter in later years. Watching the black belt matches and the emotions that are never revealed win or lose is what put everything into a concrete lesson. Here I am, two and a half years into this sport dealing with a loss that is really just a tiny bump in the road while my discouragement is a landmine. The only real problem is not my match but my lack of motivation because of it. I spent the remainder of my time feeling grateful that I had the experience. Perhaps losing is temporary and the true obstacle is my own mind. Jiu jitsu is a mental game. An individual sport despite the need for training partners and a mentor. There is no one there to compensate for your lack of skills or to hold your hand. Scary, but it makes winning even that much more special. The European Championships was a huge learning experience for me and I have grown a better understanding of the sport as well of myself. I can only hope to administer these newfound learnings into the following ten years of my competition future.
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Come to his tournament, he does not like to be disappointed

Our good friend, Gokor Chivichyan, is holding a tournament in Los Angeles on Feb. 11. It’ll be for both gi and nogi, and there rules allow for a lot more techniques than an IBJJF event – READ: reaping, heel hooks and neck cranks. Check the site for all of the rules.

If you don’t know Gokor, you should.  No, seriously … you should. He’s a great guy, a great instructor and the current or former coach of Rhonda Rousey, Manny Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan. I hear they’re kinda great.

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Friday Wrap-Up: Wait … February?

Feb 3rd, 2012 by dane

I, somewhat unfortunately, have a series of very potent psychological associations with the term TGIF (it’s not an acronym, it isn’t pronounceable), but I am definitely able to identify with the spirit of the initialism (you’re welcome). This is partially a product of my new strength and conditioning program, the fact that I’m back to consistently taking a beating training with the Beej and a flurry of activity revolving around stuff and things. Speaking of “back in town”, I have gathered – first hand – evidence that our boys are hard at work on another episode of you know what.

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IBJJF European Open Championships

Jan 29th, 2012 by dane

The 2012 European Opens is over and in the books and it looked to be a great event. I only write this because I wasn’t there and nearly everyone involved with the event blew up my Twitter stream. Rodolfo Vieira came off strong and prompted Romul0 to pontweeficate (pontificate + Tweet) whether or not there is anyone in Jiu Jitsu to stop him. I’m currently imagining a Superman Dies scenario in which a mighty challenger faces off with the unstoppable force, except that no one dies. Nor are mindless killing machines. Nor have heat-ray vision. Nor fly. And they wear kimonos. In short, this is no way reminiscent of my scenario and is clear indication of my ability to form accurate analogies. Moving on …

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Budo’ers, I have an admission to make. I am doing you, the collective many, an injustice. I really should coin a better term for the Budo Blog audience but I am in a difficult position. The Budo Videos audience is diverse and the mavens over at DYSTRYR have laid claim to the term “grappler”. This creates a unique challenge in that while Budo’ers suffices, it does not do justice to the collective might of this humble blog’s audience. I have toyed with the term “Beeple”, but it rang entirely too resoundingly of the sort of mishap one would encounter while potty training an unruly toddler.

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