TWiBJJ: Episode 7 with Bill Cooper

Jul 23rd, 2012 by dane

This week we welcomed the mighty Bill Cooper. Some might know him from his DVDs (Escapes! and Deep Halfguard Killer) or from his beastly performances at the Worlds 2012. Either way, he delivers both on and off the mat.


  1. Riccardo Amnendolia New black belt  from Mendes Bros
  2. DJ Jackson from Lloyd Irvin got his black belt
  3. IBJJF Gi weight classes increase by .5 lbs
  4. Ryron Gracie vs Carlos Eduardo Rocha
  5. Show clip of Brian Cimins anti ADCC rant
  6. Gaston grabs a central park purse snatcher
  7. Product spotlight:
    1. nino schembri omoplata Mastery seminar
    2. SYR Ring Presale
    3. Defense Soap Super Shield


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