TWiBJJ Episode 5: With Special Guest Kevin Finn

Jul 9th, 2012 by dane

Well, we have the fifth episode of TWiBJJ in the bag and the response to our show has been enormous. I can’t thank our live, YouTube and iTunes audience enough for the support. This week marks the return of our third cohost, Sean Williams and Kevin Finn from Paragon.

  1. Carlson Gracie Seminar in Temecula
  2. Mendes brothers grand opening seminar
  3. Benny Dariush gets his black belt
  4. Product spotlight: Defense Soap products
  5. More stats from TylerBJJ
  6. GracieMag reports Terere’ out of rehab; states: “I’m not an addict. What I have is schizophrenia. The disease is what makes me go after drugs. I wasn’t able to cope with the disease; I’d stop taking medication and have relapses. Now I’ve learned to deal with the disease. And all I want to do now is start training again and spread Jiu-Jitsu around the world


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