Rolled Up with Marcio Feitosa

Jul 25th, 2011 by Budo Jake

After 23 episodes I thought it was high time that we filmed with my teacher Marcio Feitosa. I started training with him when he moved here from Brazil in 2005. Although there are a number of black belts at the main Gracie Barra school in Irvine, most of my classes were taught by Marcio in the first few years. He has very strong fundamental techniques and is a very natural teacher. We filmed a few DVDs with him and I don’t think we ever had to film anything twice. He’s been teaching for so long that it seems to come naturally for him.

More than just the techniques of BJJ, I like to hear Marcio talk about the attitude of training. He talks a lot about helping your juniors and being a good sparring partner. I think that’s very important to keep a healthy training environment. I asked him a few questions along these lines during the interview.

Marcio is well known for his guard passing so for the technique section I asked him to teach some of his favorite passes. Marcio is a lightweight but his passing feels like ultraheavy weight. These are high percentage passes starting from spider guard than dropping down to half guard with a knee shield.

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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