Rolled Up #25 with Jeff Glover is now up and…

Aug 8th, 2011 by Budo Jake

It’s always a lot of fun working with Jeff. And by working I mean joking around and rolling. I’ve worked with Jeff for a few years now on both his Deep Half Guard DVD and also on his Glover’s Travels series. While we were sitting around talking about what approach to take with the Glover episode of Rolled Up it just hit me. The fair just got into town and I make it a point to go every year.

“This time let’s take Jeff!” I blurted out. The director – Budo Dave, instantly thought it was a good idea. He recently picked up a Go Pro camera which can be strapped to your chest. You will see this “point of view” camera show up a few times in the episode. I think it helped a lot!

If you’ve seen many episodes you’ll notice a recurring theme. I get submitted. A lot. I train as much as I can but still I didn’t think I’d be able to match Jeff on the mats so I had an idea of challenging him to random contests at the fair. You’ll have to watch it to see who comes out on top.

While Jeff was with us we also filmed a DVD set ALL on darces. I love the darce and this set will be the DEFINITIVE set on darce chokes. Finally you will know the difference between darce variations such as – the marce, farce, slarce, & starce!

During the filming I asked Jeff if he could teach the no arm darce – also called the ninja choke. While I didn’t get the answer I wanted I respected his reply. Jeff said that he didn’t get that sub in training or competition much and he doesn’t want to show anything on his DVD that’s not high percentage stuff that he doesn’t get often. I think this is something that all video instructors should strive for. Show the stuff that you are good at.

Oh, and btw if you still want to learn the ninja choke this guy made a DVD on it and you can see him pulling it off in competition here.

And before we get hit with a wave of emails asking, expect Jeff’s darce DVD to be out sometime before Xmas.

You can watch Rolled Up with Jeff by clicking here or download it from iTunes and watch it on your 50″ flat screen via your apple tv – now THAT is the way to experience it.

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