Live Pass: You have issues? Have some therapy

Jun 2nd, 2012 by dane

LivePassers, some people have been reporting issues with choppy video playback and this makes us sad – like … super sad. We monitor network traffic and playback very closely, and we have several laptop tuned into the broadcast from outside of our network. As soon as we detect issue, we try to communicate that and get the information out to you. However, there are some issues that are just a product of the technologies of today.

We’ve tested the Live Feed pretty extensively, and we’ve noticed the best performance while watching the broadcast on Mozilla Firefox or Google’s Chrome browsers. Unfortunately, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsers like to break things. It’s a good idea to avoid those.

If during the playback you notice choppiness, the following measures have resolve issues pretty reliably:

  1. Disable the skycam: Click on the skycam window.
  2. Choppy video: Refresh/load the page, Flash barfs itself sometimes.
  3. Can’t start the feed after changing mats: Refresh the page and/or delete cookies and reload the page

Hope this helps and catch me on the Budo Twitter or Facebook!

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