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Mar 7th, 2012 by dane

I have the distinct honor of presenting a double introduction with this post. First, I’m adding what will (hopefully) be a recurring series of articles on the Budo Blog that features new developments with the mother ship. For this first installment, I asked Budo Dave a few questions regarding our multimat live broadcasts.

1. Budo Videos recently tested “multicasting” the Pan Kids Championships. Could you explain what this is and what this means?

Multicasting essentially gives our viewers a way to watch any mat at any given time during one our live broadcasts. At most IBJJF or BJJ tournaments, there are usually several fights going on simultaneously and sometimes as many as 12. This new technology will allow the viewer to switch between all of them so they never miss a fight!
2. How did this come about? Why did you decide to introduce multicasting?

It’s been something we’ve been contemplating since the day we did our first live broadcast back at the 2008 No Gi Worlds. I remember when we finally went live I was showing the broadcast to Carlos Gracie Jr. He just looked at it and smiled but the first words out of his mouth were, “Is there a way that we can choose what match we want to watch?” The answer was no but I immediately envisioned the difficulty and complexity of doing such a thing. At the time it seemed impossible given what we had to work with, but technology and bandwidth has improved a lot since then so the time seemed right to finally get it underway. Ever since that day with Carlos, I knew it was something that I wanted to bring to the experience. Of course, our viewers have been demanding this for a long time and we knew that this was the next logical evolution in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu broadcasts. With the sport growing every year and the tournaments getting bigger and bigger, we just had to find a way to do it.

3. What were some challenges in implementing this?

Just finding the technology to do it. Although it seems quite simple, it’s fairly complex and there are not off the shelf pieces of hardware or software that do this. In fact, I don’t know or have not heard of any site that offers this to the extent at which we will. I have a good group of really smart guys that I work with that scoured the internet for various pieces of hardware to build this Frankenstein of a machine to make this work. We’ve been testing it in house for the last few months with pretty good success and we were able to test it out at the Pan Kids with great results

4. Can we expect to see multicasting for any of your big live streams? If so, could you give us a few details on what viewers can expect?

Definitely. The Pan Kids was the first unofficial roll out use of the technology and we’ll be using it at the Abu Dhabi Trials in San Diego but our first official launch will be for the Pan Jiu Jitsu tournament at the end of March. We’ll be multicasting for 4 straight days on anywhere from 10 – 12 mats. We’ll still offer the commentary of Caleb, Shawn and Budo Jake on the last two days so the viewer will have up to 13 streams to choose from.

5. Let’s get down to brass taxes, you’re on the Kaizen videos as a demonstrator, so that makes you a kettlebell expert in my mind. If you were to train with kettlebells to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse, which would be the three most important movements?

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert but I’d probably put the kettlebells down and work on running really fast!

6. Have you had any kettlebell disasters, i.e.: broken furniture, shattered floor tiles, etc.? Tell us about that.

Nothing like that, but my backyard is full pot holes!

7. Let’s say you were blindfolded, kidnapped and tossed into a Van Damme styled Bloodsport tournament, only it was for BJJ. Which DVD would you have wished you watched?

The entire Kimo Leopoldo instructional! Can never seem to get passed the intro!

8. Is there anything further you’d like to say about kettlebells, Van Damme, Bloodsport or multicasting?

Just a suggestion to anyone competing at any of the events we’ll be broadcasting. If you know the mat and approximate time in which you’ll be competing, let your friends and family back home know so they can check you out on the broadcast!

  • Jack Compton

    Great job with the Pan Am 2012 multicast. I am really enjoying it. 

    I do have a few requests for next year: 
    1. Show the names of the competitors both currently competing and waiting to compete on each mat
    2. Show the score for each match in progress

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