IBJJF European Open Championships

Jan 29th, 2012 by dane

The 2012 European Opens is over and in the books and it looked to be a great event. I only write this because I wasn’t there and nearly everyone involved with the event blew up my Twitter stream. Rodolfo Vieira came off strong and prompted Romul0 to pontweeficate (pontificate + Tweet) whether or not there is anyone in Jiu Jitsu to stop him. I’m currently imagining a Superman Dies scenario in which a mighty challenger faces off with the unstoppable force, except that no one dies. Nor are mindless killing machines. Nor have heat-ray vision. Nor fly. And they wear kimonos. In short, this is no way reminiscent of my scenario and is clear indication of my ability to form accurate analogies. Moving on …

Other standouts included Michelle Nicolini taking both the female medium-heavy division and the open division, Vitor Estima taking the much contested middle weight division and Gracie Barra taking the team gold home (for the first time in a while).

In company news, a little bird told me that Budo Videos will be present for the Euro Opens next year!

Image courtesy of Gracie Mag / Photo: Raphael Nogueira

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