Friday Wrap-Up: Wait … February?

Feb 3rd, 2012 by dane

I, somewhat unfortunately, have a series of very potent psychological associations with the term TGIF (it’s not an acronym, it isn’t pronounceable), but I am definitely able to identify with the spirit of the initialism (you’re welcome). This is partially a product of my new strength and conditioning program, the fact that I’m back to consistently taking a beating training with the Beej and a flurry of activity revolving around stuff and things. Speaking of “back in town”, I have gathered – first hand – evidence that our boys are hard at work on another episode of you know what.

  • The Researchers over at the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory made a stop on the excellent Flow Podcast. You should make a stop too.
  • Braulio, as usual, makes a series of good points regarding training and pursuing Jiu Jitsu. It’s a bit of a reiteration of his appearance on Rolled Up, but still worth your time. Really, him reading a recipe book would probably be worth your time.
  • Check out the results of the European Opens.
  • Remember last week when I mentioned that Dstryr landed a sponsorship with Nabisco? Yeah, they landed another with Redbull, which explains their curious enthusiasm. We’re onto you Dstryr.
  • Gracie Mag posted an article about how even when you win – say, sweeping the 2012 European Open Championships - you kind of lose. Or you don’t win as much as you thought as you win. I’m leery to toss out percentages, but I’m going with 10 percent.
  • Watch Satoshi do his thing. Just … watch.
  • The Abu Dhabi Pro Championship trials are coming. Expect big things this year.
  • The boys over at Gi Reviews have a preview of the Shoyoroll batch 12 gis. Won’t lie, I’m kinda geeking out over The Ring gi.

Budo Stuff

  • The release of the Guam episode of Rolled Up draws near! Check one of the two previews here!
  • We should be able to get our grubby hands on the Darcepedia in March. I may literally die of anticipation.

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