Friday Wrap-Up: The year isn’t so new

Jan 13th, 2012 by dane

One of the hazards of being friends and working with Budo Jake (the Beej!) and Dave (the Budoes, as I call them) is that they’ve managed to build businesses of their hobby. Really, they’ve monetized their passion. Make no mistake, I’m happy for them, but it can be the source of … friction. Allow me to paint a picture with words here: You’re in your cubicle, slaving away at whatever you do. You’re navigating a sea of grey fabric walls, navy blue carpet and the silence is only broken by the occasional phone ring or light typing. You actually love your work, and so this part of the job is more than bearable – but still, you’re at the office and not a tropical destination of some sort.

Then, you receive a text message … from the Beej … of him with the other Budo and standing in front of crystal blue waters that frame (you guessed it!) what appears to be a tropical paradise. Sure, you know he’s there to film an episode of Rolled Up. Sure, it’s a very popular show with a very loyal following but part of you wants to perform a Mortal Kombat styled fatality. Then pull up a lounge chair and drink a tasty beverage from a coconut.

This is, of course, coming from a guy that writes about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu semi-professionally. Don’t minimize my hardship.

The Wrap:

  • Chael Sonnen provided at an MMA seminar what appears to be an insight into what I consider the greatest campaign of hype and marketing MMA has ever seen. Why post it here? Because I think his points address a much under-emphasized aspect of BJJ competition and competition in general: psychology.
  • Kid Peligro interviewed the unstoppable rampage in the women’s division, Gabi Garcia. Props to Dystryr for the link.
  • It’s been published (by me, actually) that I’m a fan of a little profanity in BJJ technique videos, to which our boy Kurt Osiander is an ace. By the way, this video features A) profanity and B) a pretty delicious arm triangle escape.
  • The Jiu Jitsu Lab has delivered a great breakdown of Cobrinha vs. Rader at the 2011 NoGi World Championships.
  • Scarlett Johansson and an arm bar – that is all.

Budo Videos Stuff:

  • The ADCC 2011 DVD is up for order – not preorder, order-order.
  • The boys are in Guam, filming for Rolled Up. Like I said, new episodes are a-comin’.

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