Friday Wrap-Up: Pre-Pro Cup Trials Edition

Mar 9th, 2012 by dane

I apologize that you, Budo Blog readers, were welcomed into the bosom of Friday bereft of your Budo Wrap-Up, but I’m having computer trouble. I occasionally indulge in an adult beverage (or seven) and sometimes lose track of the evening. Apparently, I lost track of last Thursday after 7 p.m. and woke up to a botched Linux installation on my home PC. Some people get tipsy and end up in Mexico, I apparently decide its time to swap operating systems. Don’t judge me.

Well, I’ve endeavored (and in my defense, succeeded) to get this published before the Beej and I make the long’ish drive to San Diego to bring the Abu Dhabi Pro Cup trials to you, via Live Broadcast. This will be the full debut of our multimat technology, which will allow you to see every match of the event. Speaking of which, check out my interview with Budo Dave regarding multicasting. Also, take special note of Dave’s advice for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Yes, I ask the hard questions.


  • Let’s be honest, the Gracie Academy has been killing it with their T-shirts and they out did themselves with this one. Bravo boys.
  • Oh Kyra, you had me at winning all of those medals. Now you’re telling me that you have something even better? Le sigh
  • Meerkatsu, that prolific BJJ artist (literally, art … as in colors, images, inspiration, etc.) has dropped some of his latest creations. What do you think?
  • Budo Blog, meet Jose. Jose, meet Rafa Mendes’ dummybolo, which is essentially a berimbolo … only dummier.
  • Remember that Teta interview I linked to last week? Here’s the making of, which is a pretty interesting insight into the process by which Jiu Jitsu media is made.
  • Dave at the Jiu Jitsu Laboratory attended an UberMends seminar in Arizona and composed a particularly (as usual) eloquent write-up.  RESULT: an insightful study into the Antirembolo (which is a word I just made up, you’re welcome).
  • Gracie Mag has a compilation of BJJ matches with “unforgettable starts”. I’m going to go ahead and upgrade this to “unforgettable matches” status – FTFY.
  • The guys at have given so much stuff away that I’ve mentally assigned them as some sort of weird, gi tossing Johnny Appleseed figure. I imagine they wander through  Chicago while tossing various pieces of BJJ apparel wherever they go  in the vague hopes that more schools, tournaments and competitors will rise like saplings. This isn’t all together a bad idea, nor is their Kingz Kimono giveaway.  Oh, and don’t miss this ladies. They’re giving away a Kingz woman’s kimono.
  • You’ve seen this, I know, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share it anyway. Eddie Bravo and Marcelo Garcia rolling. It’s great to see their attitudes and passion for the sport.
  • Budo Blog readers, I have BJJ Advice for you. Literally, a website called BJJ Advice with (shocking!) advice from Braulio Estima.

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